Wheeling Police Department

The Wheeling Police Department is the police department of Wheeling, West Virginia. The Department consists of 83 full-time sworn officers, civilian support staff, and part-time school crossing guards. The Wheeling Police Department is the largest Law Enforcement agency in Ohio County and the Northern District of West Virginia.

The current chief of police is Kevin M. Gessler, Sr..

The Wheeling Police Department has a fleet of fully equipped police cruisers, motorcycles, mountain bikes, watercraft, and special purpose vehicles. The department includes two divisions with assignments to four patrol shifts, the traffic unit, and investigations. In addition to main assignments officers have specific areas of responsibility including; Canine, S.W.A.T., Crime Suppression Team (CST), Regional Response Team (RRT), Neighborhood Watch Resource Officers, D.A.R.E., Marine Unit, and directed Mountain Bike patrol.


The Wheeling Police Department Traffic Unit is comprised of motorcycle officers and officers that patrol on Police Mountain Bikes.

The primary function of all officers is to protect and serve the community; however, specific duties of the traffic Unit include directed traffic patrol speed enforcement using laser and Doppler radar, parking enforcement, traffic accidents, funeral escorts and abandoned vehicle abatement.

The Traffic Unit coordinates many events which are held each year in Wheeling. Responsibilities include The Ogden 20K classic, Debbie Green Memorial, and Wheeling Christmas Parade. In addition, the Traffic Unit provides security for all functions at The Heritage Port and trails, which includes the amphitheater and over 12 miles of paved track.


The Wheeling Police SWAT Team is a highly trained, highly mobile, well-equipped team of police officers employed in situations, which require specialized skills, equipment and training. The word SWAT stands for Special Weapons and Tactics and was the acronym for the original police tactical teams first seen in Los Angeles, California in the early 1960's.

The key to an effective SWAT Team is the unity of its members and teamwork applied toward a common goal. The primary operational objective of our SWAT team is to defuse dangerous or potentially dangerous situations with a minimum of risk of harm and danger to officers, civilians and suspects.

The Detective Division, managed by the Records & Information Officer, is staffed with six Investigators. Investigators are responsible for conducting thorough follow-up of incidents assigned to them. Investigators duties include: identifying, apprehending and assisting in the prosecution of criminal offenders; locating witnesses; collecting physical evidence; recovering property; and preparing cases for court. Investigators work two shifts Monday thru Friday, and one Investigator is assigned to work Saturday and Sunday. Investigators are on call 24-hours for incidents that require immediate attention

The Wheeling Police Department currently has two highly trained K9 units.

Community Policing
The Wheeling Police Department has set up a program to enable citizens to help in the prevention of crime. These are some of the projects that the Community Outreach program has to offer:
* Neighborhood Watch
* Safety Town
* Crossing Guards
* Highway Safety
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