Wheel of Goon

Wheel of Goon - also known as Goon of fortune - is a game played using the bladder (bag) from a cask of wine and a spinning clothes line (wheel), commonly a Hills Hoist. 2 or more players stand around the wheel and peg the bag to the wheel. Once secured, a player spins the wheel and when it comes to a halt, the closest contestant to the bag must drink its contents for a pre-determined amount of seconds. Whoever is left standing when the bag(s) is empty is declared the winner.
The general rules for disqualification are as follows:
A contestant leaves to urinate.
A contestant vomits.
A contestant fails to drink from the bag.
A contestant passes out.
A contestant falls over and is unable to stand securely.
There are a few different versions of the game:
Use 4 bags - They should contain different types of goon, to give contestants some variety. There should be at least one white wine, one red wine, and one fruity lexia. The fourth bag can be any of the above, although a goon bag of port or sherry (double the alcohol content of regular goon) which could increase the chances of having somebody vomit as the bags are unmarked.
Timing - The first contestant must only drink for one second, but each time the wheel is spun the drinking time increases. This may leave contestants with the challenge of drinking consistently for 20 seconds or more. Contestants failing to drink for the correct amount of time are disqualified.
First born Goon - The person to finish the goon bag must inflate it, draw a face on the bag, use their shirt/pants to wrap it up like a blanket and treat it like a first born child for the rest of the night. Everyone else attempts to deflate the bag. If the bag is deflated, the 'parent' must find another bag and drink it empty to make a new baby.
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