Weapons Grade Life

"Weapons Grade Life" is the third episode of the first of the television show Xavier: Renegade Angel.
Plot synopsis
Xavier meets a handicapped boy named Bobby, whose father is a Christian Scientist doctor who heals people through the "power of the Lord". It is later revealed that it is actually Bobby who is performing the operations, giving the appearance of an unseen force through the use of magnets. Bobby reveals to Xavier that he also has a lab underneath his father's workplace, and he manages to create life in a Petri dish. Envious of Bobby's accomplishment, Xavier swears to get revenge. He reveals to Bobby's father that it was actually Bobby that was performing the operations, and then goes on to tell him that Bobby has "played the ultimate liar... by playing God." These revelations are too much for the father to handle, and he becomes psychotic and destroys the building by blowing it up. In the process, Bobby's father, the life that Bobby created, and the explosion all merge together into one living entity, dubbed the "Eversplosion". The Eversplosion proceeds to go on a rampage across the country, until Billy finally confronts it and stabs it through the heart, effectively killing it.
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