Ulbe Bergsma

Ulbe Bergsma is the founder/CEO of UB B.V. a notably wealthy online marketplace. Ulbe Bergsma rose to succes after earning his fortune in wholesale electronics. He was born in the Netherlands in the province of Fryslan.
UB B.V. was founded on October 14th 2015 and started specialising in investment and sale of smart phone replacement batteries. The company currently operates out of Marktplaats.nl, an online merchant similar to ebay and craigslist. Marktplaats.nl allows people to create an account and post ads with the goal to link Dutch companies together. This makes it more convenient for consumers to find and purchase what they want within the Netherlands. After recent changes within the company UB B.V. will no longer be posting merchandise on its website but rather use Marktplaats instead. Recent polls have shown that buying items on Marktplaats leaves the costumer to feel better about their experience. Although most Dutch companies have made this Jump most still also allow the consumer to directly buy on their website or leave a purchase request on Marktplaats. UB B.V. realised that using their website strictly as a place where people could find more information about the company more profit would be saved. After years of growth the company has blossomed into what Mr. Bergsma describes as quite neat, indeed. As the owner of the company he is kept quite busy and plans for expansion are being worked out. The company is well known in social circles across Fryslan for excellent service, fast delivery and guarantee of delivery. This has earned him the nickname Mr Quick and Cheap (Meneer Snel en Goedkoop in Dutch). UB B.V. seems to have a promising future.
Childhood and Adulthood
Ulbe Bergsma was born on June 22 1998 in the town of Wirdum, part of Leeuwarden, the capitol of the Province of Fryslan. He was raised by Frisian Parent and his Grandmother.
He went to the Uniaskoalle and proved to be an excellent student. He enjoyed learning and often felt held back, already a straight A student he desired to skip several classes but his teachers refused finding his enthusiasm to bold. Years prior he also willingly flunked the second grade because his teachers thought him not ready. This did not bother him since he wanted to stay with his friends whom were a grade lower. Much to his regret this decision also guaranteed he would have to attend each grade despite showing significant intelligence. In turn this made it difficult for him to socialise.
Years later in the 3rd and 4th grade he learned to read and write at an accelerated rate. He began to teach himself higher math and his favourite, the English language. He started earning and saving money at a young age. His first business dealings were held annually during koningksdag a day to celebrate queen Beatrix who was on the throne back then. On this day a massive swap-meet was held on which Mr. Bergsma usually owned the largest sales position, quite a credit for an 8 year old. After graduating elementary school he attended OSG Sevenwolden in Grou. This was when he got into some minor trouble with his teachers whom he found all unintelligible. His Biology teacher used to storm out of the classroom if she didnt have to upper word. Nevertheless, he was never expelled once. After 4 years of high school he graduated and joined a private college to get his degree in IT. During this time he founded UB B.V. and started to find himself to busy to continue school. He now lives a lavish lifestyle.
Religion and Politics
Ulbe Bergsma is an atheist and is quoted as saying: Religion is a leftover of our late bicameral mind. I find it ridiculous to believe in something with no proof whatsoever. His believe gravitate more towards believing in an infinite ever expanding universe.
He is a Republican and a second amendment supporter. Although he is not an American he is able to speak fluently in the American tongue. He has always been fascinated by the American experiment. As well as being Dutch he is a Frisian by heart.
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