Ubidesk is a web-based software that provides an online workspace for project collaboration. Provided as Software as a service, Ubidesk is platform independent and accessible via a web-browser without installing any application on the client side. Ubidesk offers file sharing, document collaboration, task management, and group scheduling. Multiple projects can be created with a separate access control for each project, which enables multi-level security clearance within a workspace.
* Online document editing, with the ability to see who wrote what, revision history and comparisons, and to lock documents.
* Task management, with group calendars and Gantt chart, along with the ability to assign and track tasks, and to link documents/files to a specific task. Calendars can be imported/exported via ICalendar.
* User management, allowing administrators to set up project leaders and members for each project.
* Slide-out Sidebar, which allows users to view other pages or create notes while editing a document
* Email notifications, with the ability to allow users to select on what occasion an email is to be sent.
* Help documents.
Palbridge, Inc headquarters are in San Jose, California, United States, while its R&D team is located in South Korea. Kwanghyun Paek and Jokyun Jeong established Palbridge, Inc in March 2008, and started the Ubidesk project in May to address the communication and collaboration challenges between the headquarters and the R&D team. Ubidesk has been used as the collaboration tool during its own development.
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