Trans-France Race Cars

This is a list of race cars that appeared in the 1977 Disney film Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, along with their paint schemes and numbers.
1. Volkswagen Beetle (Herbie): white, red and blue stripes on hood, black number 53 in circle.
2. Lancia Monte Carlo (Giselle): powder blue, yellow and white stripes, dark blue or black number 7
3. DeTomaso Pantera: black, white stripes, black number66 in white circle
4. Porsche 917 (referred to as a Lazer 917 GT Coupé): red, black and yellow stripes, yellow number 17 on black square background
5. Alpine A310: white, red stripes and lower body, Esso Aseptogyl decals, number 2
6. Ferrari Dino: silver (sometimes dark green), black number 22
7. Ferrari Dino: red yellow stripes, black number 44 on yellow circle
8. BMW 3.0 CSi E9: powder blue, white, Elf petroleum decals, black number 8 in oval
9. Chevrolet Corvair: white, dark blue stripes, black number 33
10. Datsun 260Z: white, black arrow on hood, red and yellow trim , black number 35
11. Fiat Dino Coupe: red, black number 5
12. Lancia Fulvia Zagato: red, black number 16 in white circle
13. Porsche 911: dark green, black number 91 on yellow square
14. DeTomaso Pantera: red, black number 30 on white square
15. Porsche 356 Cabrio: orange, black roll cage, red trim, red number 54
16. DeTomaso Pantera: brown, white number 11
17. Maserati Indy: dark blue, black number 70 on off-white square
18. Lancia Stratos Stradale: black, yellow wheels, Squale Diffuse decals on hood, white number 34
19. Lancia Stratos: red, white trim, gold wheels, white stripes, black number 4 in white circle
20. Porsche 911: white, blue trim, yellow number 190 in blue square
21. BMW 2002ti: white, red trim, black number 120
22. Porsche 911: yellow, black number 99
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