Toshony was an Internet hoax centered on an allegedly real Mongolian company, which purportedly produced notebooks and other electronic equipment. Many people were taken in by reports of the new company. Their advertisements were translated into Russian, Ukrainian, English and other languages. In reality, the company does not exist.
Various websites, reported a number of products, were allegedly made by the company, including the Toshony R2D2 in Russia. What follows makes no sense, because it is the wording of the hoax.
According to an official press release, the Russian concern "White Wind" in a store trading network "White Wind Digital" began and ended with ultra-modern notebook sales of model R2D2 from Toshony, directed primarily at fans of the most non-original designs and the most recent design defects.
This was a new ultra portable PC called Toshony R2D2. According to Mobile Review this device will have 1.5″ LCD screen with a special lens for the vision impaired, a thumb screen to be operated exclusively by thumbs, and a Bluetooth 2.0 module with Enhanced Data Super slow Rat and external cooler fan. Operating in two modes touch panel, adapted for the index fingers and unsuitable for others, the new laptops are also equipped with a card reader, that, according to the customer, the service center can lead to a working state, writing, and, importantly, the speaker DVD-ROM, speakers Muller / Borman (original model with a fixed sound for the hearing impaired) and the Bluetooth 2.0 with support for Enhanced Data Superslow Rate.
New, too, can boast of the case taken out of the ventilation system is not able to fulfill the function of the CPU, but it delivers a lot of pleasant moments user refreshes his flushed, distorted with rage face. Weight of new products is so insignificant that The notebook is the delivery of specialized anchors, leaving the user can be sure that the laptop does not fly with a random gust of wind.
Toshony computers supplied to the Russian market with the operating system Windows Ultimate Parvenu, marked by the absence of irritating built-in firewall and a lot of specially designed holes in the security subsystem that will allow buyers of mobile computers Toshony R2D2 in a month to leave all the other things and enjoy more ad units and entertainment video. And an infinite dynamic and fiery struggle against numerous viruses and spam.
It is said:
The hoax was also translated into Ukrainian.
On the Internet, there is no information on how the notebook was sold in Mongolia. Just a joke that
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