The Organ Review of Arts

The Organ Review of Arts was a quarterly broadsheet from Portland, Oregon founded by Camela Raymond in 2002.

The publication contained small essays about visual and performing arts, short fiction, poetry, architecture, and a 5" x 7" print gallery called "make do". Among those featured, interviewed, and discussed were Brad Cloepfil of Allied Works, Gerhard Richter, Lisa Corrin, Miranda July, Todd Haynes, Lucy Lippard, Lawrence Rinder, Carrie Brownstein. Regular contributors included Matthew Stadler, Jonathan Raymond, Brad Adkins, and Regina Hackett. Artists featured in "make do" and "Broadside": Gretchen Bennett, Cynthia Lahti, Melody Owen, Allan McCollum, Dennis Oppenheim, Katharina Fritsch, Paul Sutinen, Tad Savinar, Maurizio Cattelan, Gabriel Orozco, Daniel Buren, Justine Kurland, Jack Dingo Ryan and others.

When it first appeared in the fall of 2002, the Organ was a free bimonthly publication and consisted of four pages. It was distributed free in some Portland art galleries, six bookstores and a pub. Publication must have continued for at least two years, but web searches do not find mention of any issues later than 2004. The paper's web site,, is no longer in service.
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