The Bull Years

The Bull Years (Literary Fiction/Humor) is a novel published by former American talk show host Phil Stern in 2011 as a Kindle e-book. It is available in English in both the North American and the United Kingdom Kindle Store.
The Bull Years is written in the first-person from the present day perspectives of the four different main characters: Steve Levine, Sophia Danton, Dave Miller, and Hayley Sykes. Levine, Danton, and Miller were close friends back in college in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Sykes is a young teacher living in Levine's apartment building in Orlando.
The novel juxtaposes the college-age relationships of Levine, Danton, and Miller with their adult lives, chronicling a series of personal and professional disappointments. Along the way Sykes adds her younger perspective to the general mix. The novel concludes with each main character relating the details of the final night back in college that destroyed their intimacy forever, putting them on the tracks they followed for the next two decades.
The handling of sexuality and modern-day mores has been criticized in the novel, specifically Sophia Danton's so-called "Mistress Articles" and Steve Levine's observations about relationships and sexuality.
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