The 86 List

The 86 List is a punk rock band from Honolulu, Hawaiʻi which has a strong following amongst members of the city's punk scene.


The band was founded by guitarist Josh Hancock and drummer Derek Hoeft during their time at Kahuku High School, and its early years were characterized by struggles to find a bassist and a name. In their earlier years, they went by "The Conflicts" and "Red Tape," but both were considered too similar to the names of existing bands. Their eventual name refers to the "86 list" in a coffee shop where Josh 86 worked. It was a list of things missing from its inventory, and alludes to the 86 List's songs' lyrical content, which concerns things which are missing or should be missing from society.

After what Hancock characterizes as a series of "100 bassists" who were unreliable or joined the army, Otto Cake joined the band, impressing Hancock and Hoeft with his dedication. The band played its first show on July 2, 2000, and were impressed by the level of audience participation.

profile in local music with groups such as The Sticklers and as owner of a bakery that also staged punk rock shows and the catchiness of their music helped the band grow into a place in the local scene.

In 2001, the group released its first album, Disaster. Novermber of that year saw Hoeft leave Hawaiʻi due to the transfer of his father, a soldier, to a mainland military base. He was replaced by Sean Tasaki on the drums. A second guitarist known as Spanky was added to the band as well. It was with this lineup that the band continued until April 2002, when Josh 86's departure for the mainland led to the dissolution of the band. However, Hancock returned to Hawaiʻi in 2003 and the band reformed and released its second CD, Our Neighborhood.

In May and June of 2003, The 86 List went on a tour of California, with a lineup that included, in addition to Hancock, Tasaki, and Cake, saxophonist TR. After the tour, they were rejoined by Derek Derilect, who returned to Hawaiʻi, replacing Tasaki on the drums. They released their third CD, Tattoo, in April of 2004, but, owing to Otto's spinal arthritis, which rendered playing the bass difficult to play for him, they broke up once again following a show on November 12, 2004.

In fall of 2005, the band reformed once again and has been playing since.

In 2007, the band released another CD, entiled "86." A party on March 3rd, 2007 was held to promote the CD at Anna Banana's, in which the band gave away free copies of the CD to anyone who attended. The Sticklers, The Hell Caminos, The Skullfux, and The Democratic Fistfights all opened for The 86 List. Patches, and other merchandise were also given away and on sale. The CD features tracks such as "HPD", and a live version of "Too Free for Me."

You might also recognize Josh 86 and Derek from the popular TV show Lost. They are in the show's fictional band Driveshaft.

Music and Influences

The 86 List cites as primary musical influences Rancid, Operation Ivy and the Clash, and their music is described as similar to the latter group's. Their lyrics also have a chant-along quality, of which Otto says, “People will grab the mic away and sing for us. For some reason, the songs have that beat and that sing-along quality that people connect to."


Current lineup
* - lead vocals, guitar
*Otto Cake - bass, backup vocals
* - drums, backup vocals

Past members
*Chris, a.k.a. Beatrice - bass (1999)
*Sean Tasaki - drums (2001-2003)
*Spencer, a.k.a. Spanky - second guitar (2001-2002)
*TR - saxophone (2003)


*Disaster - 2001
*Our Neighborhood - 2003
*Tattoo - 2004
*86 - 2007
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