Teddy Khan

Bryant Balmaceda, (born December 14 1986) is an American professional wrestler with a gimmick of a professional wrestler from Montreal, Canada. Better known by his ring name, Teddy Khan and Z-Raptor, he is currently wrestling for Independent Championship Wrestling, Dollar Store Wrestling, and Extreme Zone Wrestling.

Xtreme Backyard Wrestling Alliance
Bryant Balmaceda first started off after the passing of his close friend Yansel "Metalix" Orta in a backyard wrestling organization named Xtreme Backyard Wrestling Alliance. There he started a two year rivalry with then Lightweight Champion, Arachnid. Z-Raptor defeated Arachnid various times as he defeated Arachnid for the XBWA Lightweight title.
Z-Raptor continue his feud losing the title once more but shortly after claiming it again. the XBWA Management at the time decided it was time for an update as Z-Raptor defeated Crush for the XBWA Cruiserweight Championship. He defended his title in his first ever haardcore match where he lost it to then debuting Thor El Timmy and his finisher, "El Timbaso". Z-Raptor continue his war with Clark Pyro and Thor ultimately claiming the Cruiserweight Championship once more. He later claimed the championship for his third and final time.
XBWA started to expand as Z-Raptor was one of the front runner of the show where he defeated Moises Helix Maynard, Thor El Timmy and Clark Pyro in a Sideroom Match claiming the XBWA Intercontinental and XBWA World Championship. He ended up losing the titles against Pshycosis and Eric Montoya in the last XBWA show sometime in early 2006.

Extreme Teen Wrestling

After the closing of XBWA. Z-Raptor transferred to the a bigger organization called Extreme Teen Wrestling. He started off against his old nemesis Arachnid where they feuded various times for the Hardcore Championship That pinned Z-Raptor in various Hardcore and specialty matches such as a Ladder Match, TLC Match and even a Three Strikes Match. After moving on with his rivalry, He decided to join forces with a powerhouse who wrestled under the name, CM Jose. Together the created the stable Chick Magnets and competed in the tag division. Though the team had little to no success, they were an intertaining duo. After their short stint, CM Jose decided to convert back to himself as Z-Raptor found a tag partner with Pshycosis winning the ETW Tag Team Championship with him.
Z-Raptor was also in a rivalry with Arachnid and Aerial Specialist Laz and his partner with the Chaotic Monster Jose. Pshycosis ended up losing a Buried Alive Match causing Z-Raptor to look back into his history and bring back his old friend, Slypher. He claim the Tag Team Gold once again with his parter who later revealed to be Pshycosis all along. Around this time, Z-Raptor brought in his now fiance, Aseneth Vans into the scene and Pshycosis changed his name to Nero X. This new faces ultimately called themselves Fahrenheit and became the most famous stable in ETW history.

Fahrenheit started a feud with EWO and Team Destruction where they ultimately lost the Tag Team Championship to Team Destruction. Z-Raptor also wrestled in the Main Event scene and finally claimed the ETW World Championship from Destroyer. He lost the title to the Chaotic Monster Jose later on that year. Z-Raptor was sideline with an injury to the arms where Diamond Black literally destroyed Z-Raptor's arm. Upon Returning, Z-Raptor swore revenge and took it out against Diamond Black. Z-Raptor was once again put to the challenge in his final ETW match due to his tag partner turning against him and claiming a new partner in Adam Death. He went against Arachnid and Chaotic Monster for the World Championship where Z-Raptor superkicked Chaotic Monster Jose causing Arachnid to get a quick pin fall. Z-Raptor has once again taken it upon himself to get revenge but has not been let backstage to any of the ETW events due to his "obsessive behavior" over the World Heavyweight Championship.

New Beginning
He later changed his name to Teddy Khan and started off at Independent Championship Wrestling on July 2007. He participated in the Battle Royal along side Nick Archer (formally Arachnid), Johnny Impulse(formally Aerial Specialist Laz) and Chris Vains (formally Nero X) but ultimately losing the match. He later returned in a match pinning him and his tag partner, Juggernaut against Xtreme Chris and Chris Vains on July 30, 2007. He also debuted on Dollar Store Wrestling in Hialeah, Florida on September 21, 2007 with a loss against the No.1 Contender, "Mr. Anti-Backyard" Skorpio. On October 9 2007, Teddy Khan has come to terms with Extreme Zone Wrestling for a run in their brand. On October 14, 2007 in the ICW show, Road to Ruin he was booked to face off against the D$W World Heavyweight Champion, Mutilator, in a D$W World Heavyweight Match. An Unknown superstar under the alias, Dark Zagi, entered the ring instead where he lost to the debuting masked monster. He is schedule to appear on the Milander show for Dollar Store Wrestling in a Tag Team Match with tag team partner, Eddie Tygon, against Chris Vains and Q-ba Libre. The day for the show is still in the air but it will be happening on January 2008. Teddy Khan is schedule to face Q-ba Libre in a one on one match up for Brink of Insanity.

Personal Life
Bryant Balmaceda is currently a full time student at Miami Dade College. He is engaged with Anais Vega, better known as Aseneth Vans from Extreme Teen Wrestling and are planning to tie the knot sometime next year. He is currently working at The English Center as well on a roleplay wrestling site as acting General Manager called World War III.

In wrestling
*Finishing and signature moves
:*Reign of Fire (Shining Wizard)
:*Concussion on Delivery (Inverted DDT Leg Drop)
:*TK Smash ()
:*Thrill Shock ()
:*Scar of Genesis ()
:*Fate of the Gods (Elevated )
:*Come Over Here (Jumping hammerlock short range lariat)
:*Unprettier (Wrist lock inverted double underhook facebuster)
:*Vertabreaker ()
:*Bite of the Raptor (Inverted Headlock with Bodyscissors)
:*Strangle Hold Z (Chokehold variation with the legs)
:*Figure Four Deathlock (Leglock CLoverleaf)
:*Raptor Mist (Asian Mist but not as dangerous and of clear color)
:*Dragon Stunner (usually as a counter to a suplex, occasionally ends up being a cutter)
:*Corkscrew Splash
:*Flying Spinning Heel Kick
:*Overhead belly to belly suplex

*Weapon Specialty Move
:*Con-Chair-To(One Man Con-Chair-To)

:*Aseneth Vans

:*"The Charismatic Daredevil"
:*"The Epicenter of Excellence"
:*"The All-Star Thriller"
:*"Insane Southpaw"
:*Total Konquest
:*Elite Superstar
:*"Intelligent by Nature, Winner by Inevitable Greatness"

*Entrance music
:*"Beginning of the End" by Systematic, in XBWA -2006
:*"Frozen Ashes" by Suburban Tribe in ETW 2006- present
:*"Breakable" by Systematic in ICW 2007- Present
:*"Never Gonna Stop Me" by Rob Zombie in D$W 2007- present

Championships and accomplishments
*Xtreme Backyard Wrestling Alliance
:*XBWA Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
:*XBWA Lightheavyweight Championship (2 times)
:*XBWA Intercontinental Championship (1 time)
:*XBWA Cruiserweight Championship (3 times)

*Extreme Teen Wrestling
:*ETW Hardcore Championship (3 times)
:*ETW World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
:*ETW World Tag Team Championship - with Psycosis (1), Slypher (1) and Nero X and Aseneth Vans (2)
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