Randy Dodge

Randall James Dodge (born June 13, 1987) is a Canadian Professional Wrestler, better known by the ring name Randy Relapse. He wrestles on the Atlantic Canadian Independent Circuit, but is currently out of action because of a legitimate broken hand, although it is being portrayed as the result of a tricycle accident.

Early career

Growing up a lifelong wrestling fan, Randy set up a Backyard Wrestling Federation dubbed Antigonish Championship Wrestling with some of his friends when he was just 14. This allowed him to get a feel for wrestling, which would assist him in landing a spot in MainStream Wrestling’s (MSW) Ring of Dreams competition. The competition was hosted to find people for their Mat Mechanics Wrestling School, where the winner would get free tuition to the school, and the runner-up would get half off. Randy finished third in the competition, but due his outstanding skills and the fact that he was such a quick learner he was admitted to MSW’s School. Randy began training daily in the MSW School in September of 2005. During training he cracked a vertebra in his spine, but went on to wrestle with it for two weeks, before seeing a doctor. Initially concerned, Randy’s time off from training was limited only to a week before yet again picking up a full-time training schedule.

MainStream Wrestling

Randy Relapse made his professional wrestling debut on December 17, 2005 against CN Power (now known as Sidewalk Sam). In January of 2006, Randy won his first match, coincidently against Cory Constantine (his real-life older brother). As his MSW Career continued, he would go on to team up with CN Power, to have a long-lasting and memorable feud with Cory Constantine and “X-Ray” Kyle Kruze. As Randy’s popularity began to grow, he began chasing the MSW Championship.

At MSW’s Golden Opportunity in March of 2006, Randy was involved in a Triple Threat against the champion, CN Power and "X-Ray" Kyle Kruze. Randy had seemingly gotten the pin on Kruze to win the title, but it was later revealed that Kruze had his foot on the rope, and the match was ordered to continue. Shortly after, CN Power was able to get the three count on Randy Relapse and left with the MSW Championship. Despite missing out on winning the MSW Championship, his hunt for gold was not over.

On April 21 of 2006, Randy Relapse was given a shot at the MSW Atlantic-Canadian Championship in Berwick, NS. He would go on to defeat the champion, Trash Canyon, and win his first Wrestling Championship, the MSW Atlantic-Canadian Championship. Later that evening, he would put an exclamation point on that victory, again pinning Trash Canyon in the MSW Championship Elimination Match, before being last eliminated by CN Power.
Afterwards, Randy Relapse became involved in a string of memorable Champion vs. Champion matches against CN Power, including a number of Ladder Matches, which only increased Randy’s popularity even more. In one particularly memorable encounter, Randy Relapse had seemingly won the MSW Championship from CN Power, after grabbing the belt during a Ladder Match. Unfortunately, the referee was down and unable to make the call to end the match. Upon realizing this CN Power took advantage, surprising Relapse and knocking him out, then grabbing the title himself, and reviving the referee for the win. So close to the MSW Championship yet again!

Soon becoming a Ladder Match expert, Relapse was involved in another Ladder Match against “X-Ray” Kyle Kruze in Trenton, NS, this time for Randy’s MSW Atlantic-Canadian Championship. Randy left victorious once more, with a little help from “Lumber” Jack Johnson. This led to former ECW/TNA Superstar, “Confederate Currency” Chris Hamrick, coming in to save X-Ray, which lead to tag-team feud with Johnson and Relapse teaming up, to continue to battle Hamrick and Kruze.

The feud between Kruze and Relapse peaked in North Sydney, NS when Randy was again defending his Atlantic-Canadian Championship against “X-Ray” Kyle Kruze. During the match, Kruze landed a hard kick to the face of Randy Relapse breaking his nose. Despite the broken nose, and a lot of blood loss, Relapse continued the match, and defeated X-Ray to retain his Championship. Moments after the match, Relapse was taken to the hospital for an overnight stay, and was forced by MSW to forfeit his championship due to the injury. On July 28, 2006 Randy left MSW to found AMW.

Antigonish Minor-League Wrestling

AMW’s very first show was held on July 29, 2006 in the AMW Arena at 73 Court St, Antigonish, NS. Randy’s first match in AMW was against Speshl Jay, which earned him a spot in the main event for the vacant AMW Championship. The Main Event saw MacDaddy, Cory Constantine (who had also left MSW with Randy), and Randy Relapse battle in a Triple Threat for the Championship. After the dust settled, Cory Constantine stood victorious over Randy Relapse as the first-ever AMW Champion.
However, Randy’s thirst for Championship gold was insatiable and he continued his quest for AMW gold. On October 29, 2006 Randy defeated El Grande Peacock, to earn his way into a Unique Main event. The main event was a six-man tag team pumpkin patch match, where whoever scored the pinfall would become the AMW Champion. After a hard fought battle, Randy would finally gain AMW Championship gold when he pinned both the Champion, Cory Constantine and MacDaddy at the same time, to become the second-ever AMW Champion.
After becoming the AMW Heavyweight Champion, Randy would go on to have a very memorable feud with MacDaddy. MacDaddy, who was frustrated with not winning the championship, issued a challenge to Randy for the AMW Championship. Randy, who is always looking for a way to get one over on his opponents, told MacDaddy he would accept his challenge on one condition. If MacDaddy lost, he would have to wrestle in a dress until he won again. Being as determined as he was, MacDaddy accepted it without thinking, and went on to lose to Randy Relapse. MacDaddy would end up going on a five-month losing streak, and would wear the dress that entire time.
In January 2007, Randy was involved in a Tag Team match against Red Rocket and the Maritime Menace, and was forced to choose a new partner, when his original partner was attacked by his opponents. Having been keeping an eye on the progress of some of the students at AMW’s Wrestling School, Randy choose a young newcomer by the name of Arick Idol to be his partner. In Arick’s debut with Randy Relapse, Arick was able to defeat their opponents with Arick getting the pinfall over the Maritime Menace, a longtime staple of the now rival MainStream Wrestling federation.
Charity Wrestling Federation and Antigonish Minor-League Wrestling
Randy would go on to become the longest reigning AMW Heavyweight Champion, enjoying a six-month title reign, eventually losing it in a Triple Threat Match involving Cory Constantine and MacDaddy (who had won his first match since losing to Randy to earn his way into the match). The match was unique since it was the first time that the AMW Heavyweight Championship was defended outside of AMW. AMW and the Charity Wrestling Federation (CWF) had entered into a talent-exchange partnership, which saw wrestlers perform on each others shows. MacDaddy took advantage and was able to pin Cory Constantine in the Special Guest Referee match in Halifax, NS.
Randy did not take losing the belt well, and at another CWF Show in Cole Harbour, NS, Randy would once again be involved in a Triple Threat Match for the AMW Heavyweight Championship. Randy would be victorious, capturing his second AMW Heavyweight Championship after pinning MacDaddy, while El Grande Peacock was knocked out outside the ring.
In early June, Randy Relapse was involved in a tricycle accident, which resulted in a broken hand, and doctors told him he would not be able to wrestle for several months. Initially he took the news well, and arranged to forfeit his title to Speshl Jay during AMW’s last show before being officially shut down. However, later in the night, Speshl Jay was unable to defend his championship in a Hardcore Six-Pack Challenge, which saw MacDaddy walk away as the three-time AMW Heavyweight Champion, passing Randy Relapse for the most title reigns. Upon seeing this happen, Randy had a major mental relapse and has been admitted back into the Nova Scotia Hospital. Doctors have said that he is mentally unfit, and will not be released from the hospital for quite some time.
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