Summer Channel

Jesse Scott (aka J. Scott G.), known professionally as Summer Channel, is an American electronic music producer, composer, sound designer and musician. He has worked professionally in various roles with artists like Madonna, David Bowie, Seal, Johnny Cash, Adam Lambert, Celldweller, Shiny Toy Guns and a slew of other major label acts. His style of production is described as “epic, complex and cinematic.” His forthcoming album, Follow Your Bliss, due in Spring of 2018, is self produced, with guests including Chrysta Bell, Fisher, Cameron Morgan, and a slew of other musicians and vocalists from around the globe.
Early life
Jesse's father (Dino Dante) was a prominent Italian tenor in the 1940's and 50's. Although Jesse doesn't credit his father for providing any particular musical influence, direction or support, he still acknowledges his father's immense talent and musical prowess. Jesse started playing piano at three years old, taking regular lessons procured by his mother. Having discovered electronic music by the age of ten, he had already decided by that time that pursuing electronic music production what was he wanted to do as a career later on in his adult life.
Musical Influences
Jesse sites early musical influences such as: The Pet Shop Boys, Anything Box, Depeche Mode, New Order, Enya, The Shamen, The KLF, and a variety of other Synth-Pop and Techno pioneers.
But more currently, his influences include: The Universe, M83, Massive Attack, Imogen Heap, Amon Tobin, Air, The Art Of Noise, Hybrid, Apparat, Shpongle, Royksopp, Celldweller, Thomas Newman and Hans Zimmer.
After attending high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he and Jason Blum (who originally met at the University of New Mexico) founded the American electronic music act Deepsky. The duo enjoyed tremendous underground and commercial success through the late 1990's and early 2000's, having released a plethora of original music and remixes that were available internationally, as well as touring the world playing live.Jesse left the band in 2006 to focus on solo projects (as J. Scott G.) as well as start the group Summer Channel.
J. Scott G.
After leaving Deepsky, Jesse went on to pursue a solo career in the EDM world as J. Scott G. He released dozens of successful collaborative electro-house tracks and remixes, but because the electronic music landscape had changed so dramatically by 2012, he decided to leave the EDM world for good and focus solely on Summer Channel and various other projects.
Musical Collaboration with Adam Lambert
In 2009, Jesse was contacted via MySpace by (then unknown) Adam Lambert who was a fan of Jesse's music. The two of them created the song "Live The Life" just a couple of months before Lambert auditioned for the eighth season of American Idol. Lambert came in runner-up that year and rose to fame shortly after. The song release was put on hold by Jesse as a matter of respect for Lambert's American Idol contract (as well as their friendship) and was finally released in 2011 after a long and arduous battle with Lambert's management/record label. The song rose to #2 on the iTunes electronic chart in less than 24 hours, and was removed from iTunes by an unknown source right before it was about to hit #1.
Libra Rising Music
In 2006, Jesse started Libra Rising Music with San Francisco based DJ John Beaver as an independent platform to release music.LRM was primarily focused on the EDM genre, but since then has evolved into a broader spectrum of electronic based music. In addition to releasing original music, DJ mixes, sample packs and patch libraries, the label has also hosted a number of successful podcasts such as the Libra Rising Show as well as Quirks TV.
TV & Film Work
In addition to his solo endeavors after leaving Deepsky, Jesse has worked on dozens of original songs for use in television shows like CSI, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Arrow, The Late Late Show, Good Morning America, Caught On Camera, Secret Lives Of The Super Rich, NFL Broadcasts and many other television shows both domestic and international. He's also contributed music to movies like Tomb Raider, Bad Boys II and The Art Of War.
Project Prayer Song
In 2016, Jesse launched Project Prayer Song, a global music initiative (under the Summer Channel moniker) to create the worlds biggest "digital choir" for use on his yet-to-be-released track, "Prayer Song." Having been inspired by a Ted Talk of Eric Whitacre's "Virtual Choir," he decided to take a different approach to collecting voices, and not limit the project to internet submissions only. Shortly after the initial internet launch, he and his wife sold their house and most of their possessions, and took to the road to collect voices along the west coast of the United States, throwing "recording parties," recording various people on the streets of different cities, recording choirs, etc. To date, they've recorded 500 individual voices, and are still working on reaching their goal of ten thousand voices in 2017.
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