Student city is a spring break travel and event management company headquartered in Peabody, Massachusetts in the United States. It was founded by two student entrepreneurs Mario Ricciardelli and Gary Templeton in the late 1990s in Boston, MA. It is part of the First Choice - TUI Travel student travel sector.
This firm is reputed to be the first company that automated spring break travel online and is the only company that offers all-comprehensive packages for spring break travel. The company has a wide range of travel destinations within its portfolio and services the US student market. This company also pioneered the concept of having celebrities join students for spring break and add to the entertainment value of the trip. It recently launched a new web 2.0 website with additional features and community elements.


In 1987, Mario Ricciardelli partnered with fellow Babson college student Ross Goralnick partnered with a local travel agency to gain access to gain access to an airline computer terminal for booking airline reservation for Babson students for their dorm-room business Take-A-Break Student Travel. Their company generated over $100,000 of revenue in the first six months. Upon graduation, Mario continued with the business and the company sold over $2.5 million in college spring break travel. To take advantage of operational and customer synergies, Take-A-Break Travel merged with a small East Coast competitor Gary Templeton who also specialized in the same college spring break business. In 1998, Take-A-Break merged with a West Coast company that specialized in the summer graduation trip business. The ensuing entity was named Class Travel (CTA). After a year, Mario and Gary rejoined again and created

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