Slender man

"If the figure depicted on "Der Ritter" is indeed The Slender Man, as I insist it is, then we know that it has not always worn a suit, but rather, in the medieval ages, a suit of armor. This, not to mention the title of the wood cut, would make it quite clear that it was trying to mimic a knight. Knights, as I am sure you know, was the elite class of soldiers doing the bidding of barons and kings in the Feudal Age. If The Slender Man wanted to appear not only human, but a part of the human elite, why not go higher? Why not a baron? Because it can't, quite obviously. It can appear quite human, at least from a distance, but up close it could never fool anyone, and it knows this. Thus it settled for being a knight, who sometimes even wore full helmets, in an attempt to appear inconspicuous yet not undesirable.
So the question follows: Who is the most powerful yet faceless people today? Men in suits, of course."
- Found through in an email archive belonging to a previous police officer. No idea of what happened to him. Haven't looked into it yet.
"A German woodcut from the 1540s. It has puzzled historians since it was discovered at Halstberg castle in 1883. The woodcut bears the distinct style of a known woodcut artist from that area, Hans Freckenberg. Although know for his realistic depiction of human anotomy in his works, something that was unusual for the woodcuts in the 16th century, this picture differs radically from the rest of Freckenbergs works. The character to the right bears little semblance to a human being, with skeletal physique and long limbs at odd angles. Many theories have been dicussed as to what Freckenberg wanted to symbolize with that character, some say its a personification of the religious wars that raged in Europe at the time, others say its a personification of the mysterious plague that have been believed to be the reason for the mysterious abandoning of the Halstberg castle and the nearby village in 1543."
NOTE: Next source has numerous misspellings. Amateur work at best, but good research.
"According to ledgend there was the Der Schlupt (the Tall Person) that would be sited by
children in the Black Forest of Germany a few days prior to their dissapearance. As
recorded by the church during this time period, after there was wide spread reported
sightings of these creatures surrounding a particular village its inhabitants would vanish
the next time the clergy men would visit to hold cermonies. All that would be left behind
were the mutilated remains of the livestock, and in a few cases the village inhabitants
where found several miles outside the village imapled in the higher branches of trees"
Now, in my last note, I mentioned an old Romanian folktale. Well, here it is. It seems to depict what could be the Slender Man...
Once upon a time there were twin girls, Stela and Sorina. They were brave little girls, and had no fear of the dark, nor of spiders and other crawling things. Where other young ladies and even young boys would cower, Stela and Sorina would walk with their heads held high. They were good girls, obedient to their mother and father and to the word of God. They were the best children a mother could ask for, and this was their undoing.
One day, Stela and Sorina were out with their mother gathering berries from the forest. Their mother bid them stay close to her, and they listened, as they were good children. The day was bright and clear, and even as they walked closer to the center of the forest the light barely dimmed. It was nearly bright as noon when they found the tall man.
The tall man stood in a clearing, dressed as a nobleman, all in black. Shadows lay over him, dark as a cloudy midnight. He had many arms, all long and boneless as snakes, all sharp as swords, and they writhed like worms on nails. He did not speak, but made his intentions known.
Their mother tried not to listen, but she could no more disobey the tall man than she could forget how to breathe. She walked into the clearing, her daughters shortly behind her. "Stela," she said, "take my knife, and cut a circle on the ground big enough to lie in." Stela, who was not afraid of the tall man, nor afraid of the quiver in her mother's voice, obeyed what her mother said. "Sorina," the mother said, "take the berries and spread them in the circle, and crush them underfoot until the juice stains the earth." Though Sorina wondered why her mother asked her to do such a thing, she obeyed, because she was a good girl.
"Stela," the mother said, "lie in the circle."
Stela, though she worried she might stain her clothes, did as her mother asked.
"Sorina," the mother said, and bid Sorina cut her sister open with the knife.
Sorina could not; would not.
"Please," her mother said. "If you don't, it will be worse. So much worse."
But Sorina could not, and she threw the knife away and ran home, crying. She hid under her bed, afraid for the first time in her life. She waited until her father came home from the fields, and told him of the terrible thing she had found in the woods. Her father comforted her, and told her she would be safe. He went to the woods, his axe in hand, and as he commanded, she stayed by the hearth, waiting for his return.
After some time she fell asleep. When she woke, it was to the sound of knocking on her door at the darkest hour of the night. "Who is there?" she said.
"It is your father," the knocker said.
"I don't believe you!" said Sorina.
"It is your sister," the knocker said.
"It cannot be!" said Sorina.
"I am your mother," said the knocker, "and I told you it would be worse." And the door, locked tight before her father left, fell open as if it had been left ajar. And her mother stepped in, her sister's head clutched in one bloody hand, her father's in the other.
"Why?" wept Sorina.
"Because," said her mother, "there is no reward for goodness; there is no respite for faith; there is nothing but cold steel teeth and scourging fire for all of us. And it's coming for you now."
And the tall man slid from the fire, and clenched Sorina in his burning embrace. And that was the end of her.
As you can tell, not only is the story very disturbing, but it certainly reminds us of the phenomenon we call the Slender Man. I have spent many past weeks doing research on this while only recently letting some of it surface. With that, some more photos. I will start detailing my theories in the next note, possibly? For now, here are the photos and sketches I have dug up and a radio broadcast I found online and have uploaded.
Unknown when photo was taken, but photographer John Cooper was reported missing on August 7th, 1992.
1 of 2 drawings I found that seem linked to the Slender Man. Notice the tall figure, similar dressings, and of course, the slender and stretching tentacles.
2 of 2 drawings I found that seem linked to the Slender Man. Compare head shape?
To note, the person who sketched these drawings is unknown. I presume he is missing as most people who have dealt with this Slender Man are...
And finally...
The radio broadcast:

Comments (47)
1. 19-09-2009 12:40
The links are down.
2. 10-12-2009 01:28
What info do you have? I'd like to know if you don't mind sharing.
3. 15-02-2010 13:38
im not one to beleive in such nonsense but i have been told a story about a man with not face prior to finding out about the slender man. 
my aunt was walking home form school one day and a man ran up and snatched her. my uncles had to chase him down to get her back and when they caught up to him... he had no face. 
they got my aunt back but the no faced man slipped away
4. 28-02-2010 05:17
they are no links
5. 17-03-2010 13:57
i got so freakin scared when my brother told and showed me about slender man did you know that slender man had a apprentice masky who sits in your room at random spots and i think that i actually saw him in my grandma's woods when i was sledding.
6. 17-03-2010 13:59
my friend he is really scared but is this really true
7. 06-08-2010 15:31
There are no links or pics
8. 18-08-2010 17:18
Where is Der Ritter
9. 18-10-2010 13:59
Is this true?  
Im particularly interested in this, and the stories just facinate me.  
I do believe this, and i think slender man is more than just a myth. Its very scary.
10. 18-10-2010 14:11
I live in South Carolina. I was walking home from my aunt Evelyn's house one evening and i saw a tall slender man, much like the descriptions. he was there, but he blended in so well. I saw breifly his featureless face, but it stopped me dead in my tracks. But as i saw where i was, i realised i was outside Lillian McAbbays house. She was in my english lit class, i didnt know her well, but i recognised her house. I saw her walk across her lawn. I admit i was terrified but too curious to run. It was like i was glued, my eyes never leaving the blank Lilly or the monstrourous slender man. I slid between two cars, out if sight but with enough view. All this happened very fast, one minute she was stood, locked on him. The next second she was following him into the woods. Then almost instantaniously, he grabbed her. His long arms and branch like fingers wrapped around her small wrist. The look upon her face read terror but comfort.  
Then in a flash she was gone, her low sream rumbling through the tree's. then a gust of wind, and a shiver down my spine.  
Then i ran home. took a shower and ate. i slept. and after the weekend i went to school. I looked for lilly, but she was absent from lessons.  
I asked Mr Allockey and he said he was informed that Lillian and her mother had moved away, apparently her father told the school. Problem was, we all knew Lillians father died when she was 7. It was on the news.  
I try to forget, i push it to the back of my mind, but forvever its there. Slender Man...
11. 26-12-2010 07:32
12. 06-01-2011 20:29
omg is this stuff true or is it just to keep lil kids from walking to strangers
13. 13-01-2011 12:09
slender man, my mom is single and needs a husband. shes a nice lady that likes chicken and bowling. please make her happy.  
Call me if you're interested ;) 
ps. im still horny
weener boy
14. 31-01-2011 11:56
At first it seemed the Slender Man was created on the internet. But now after reading this lore I must say that indeed it does seem very much of the Slender Man's MO persay. I for one do not know if he exists or not but if he does what other evil stalks our world when we look away?
15. 09-02-2011 15:03
one of my freinds was talking about this at school one day, this slender guy.He bielieves in him alot. i read many forums about thei slender man. but now i cant help bieng a little scared
16. 15-02-2011 19:36
Just a theory... What if it's not Slender Man, but Slender men.
17. 17-03-2011 14:18
This is all very interesting, but there are a few places where your logic falls through. you say his face is featureless, yet some people describe it like a swarm of bees - some people describe him with spider-like arms, while others, tentacles some people describe him as coming out only at night, and others only at day. is there a possibility that there are two slender men? squid and spider? I must continue my research...
18. 22-03-2011 16:29
I live in Colorado and one night my dog was going crazy like hell.. I thought maybe a cat ran by my back yard but my dog just wouldent stop barking so i knew there had to be something out there. So i looked out side nothing there. So i brought my dog into my room and he calmed down. I heard foot steps out side my window so i quickly looked out my gate to the back yard had been opened. I thought "Hummm.. maybe just the wind?" but the air was calm, dead silent. A loud boom came from my back yard i ran to the back yard as my dog was freaking out. I was then paused in fear i saw slender man.. he was tall and skinny long arms.. He has no face.. He had a red tie on. Some scary crap. He then walked into the darkness and dissapered.. I wanted to yell at him but i was to full of fear..
19. 12-05-2011 02:26
Slender mans assassin masky was only mentioned in marble hornets but legends of the tall man have gone back to centeries and victor surge did not created it whitch is why i believe in the slender man.
20. 12-05-2011 21:00
It is neither spiderlike nor squidlike, but shadow. the slender man is known by many other names, the most well known being Тень, or shadow. He can shape his shadow arms like whatever he wants, or make it look like he has 2 arms.
21. 01-06-2011 03:22
^^ 2 arms...?
22. 01-06-2011 04:14
Hmm... well i got a friend who is the person who got me interested in the Slender Man and he told me that ever since he heard about the slender man and did more and more research about him he would have nightmares about the slender man trying to grab him and take him and he would wake up with a bloody nose and find that he scribbled in black ink drawings of the slender man that were warnings that hes near and is coming... So in all dont know if its true but i have little fear about the Slender Man..  
Could be true not sure all I know is that hes still living and the dreams stopped and hes fine...
23. 26-07-2011 23:18
I, honestly believe in him... I don't know why, but something about the stories I've heard and whatnot just struck something in me...
24. 14-11-2011 17:56
Well you i believe in him and man that's willing to show him self then there must it must be true
25. 27-03-2012 02:34
would you please send me some more info i am going to a friends house soon and i want to tell her the story but i would like some more information PLEASE
26. 27-03-2012 02:35
would you please send me some more info i am going to a friends house soon and i want to tell her the story but i would like some more information PLEASE
27. 20-05-2012 18:50
My mother used to tell me stories of seeing slender man when she was a child. He would come and take her. He would communicate telepathicly. She said she would get bad headaches and nosebleeds after each incident. However she never did go missing. I just heard about Slender Man last night from someone other than her and if freaked me smooth out. I have been a fan of Coast to Coast a.m for years and never have heard of Slender Man. Weird.
28. 28-05-2012 17:10
Slenderman is said to be able to use a sort of hypnosis on people to do his bidding. It only happens a few times, this story is an example of it. Slenderman uses this to take people so they don't panic and scream for help. Slenderman usually tortures his victims psychologically, making them paranoid that he's constantly watching them.
29. 22-07-2012 20:13
Der Ritter= The dark knight, pertaining to death and or a bringer of death. Slenderman is different, Der Ritter image was edited though.
30. 29-07-2012 22:34
I saw Slenderman in a forest when I was hiking. I couldn't move and time stood still. After Slendy vanished, I walked back to the campsite. My mom was worried and asked me where I was. I asked her why she was so worried, and she told me I was gone for half an hour. I still have no clue what happened that day.
31. 29-08-2012 22:20
my house is behind a fairly big forest and i love to bike through the woods and one day i was interrupted by about 40-45 feet away a tall around 6 foot man just staring at me normally you don't just see something like that so i made a fast u turn on my bike and rode back to the front of my house i tried to explain to my parents but they think that i was day dreaming so continued the day until 11:34 as i was just about to go to bed i looked out my window and i believe that i had seen him because its hard to see at night. through the next two weeks i have seen him and i dont know what he wants from me. the reason i am writing is so that if i am to die you will know what happened in the last 4 days. now fisrt my little brother tommy was playing out side and i saw him there i looked away and when i looked back no one was there i knew somthing was wrong so all i did was go and hide under the bed. i had fallen asleep and had a horrible nightmare that he was just staring at me and i was staring at him then i woke up figuring out it was all just a dream i continued the days by staying inside and only leaving the room to go to the bathroom and eat now were here and im pretty sure im going to die every one he is real if you say he fake go suck a dick hes been watching me for 3 week now
32. 05-09-2012 07:02
hey slender man is not real it fake and what the hell are people thinking
33. 07-09-2012 23:07
I AM SO SCARED how do you stop him from coming and protect your self from him.
34. 12-09-2012 12:39
he is so real have you every seen him in person. that will be asome to see SLENDER MAN in person but be careful!
35. 21-09-2012 14:00
he is real if you belive he is he is made by your thorts and nightmares he is your nighmares so stop beliving in him he wis stop
36. 21-10-2012 15:26
37. 15-11-2012 16:44
Slender man is fake. I have to see him first and it has to actually be him. Not someone in costume.
38. 23-11-2012 03:56
slender man is real i was going outside tonight then under the city light by the road i saw a 7 foot man i i didnt stop walking untill i was in front of him then all of a sudden my eyes started to water i started to cry the man had arms coming out of his back then his body started to change into air then i could control my body when i woke up i was in the forest last i remember i was still on my walk at night but for somereason it was morning and i was in the woods
39. 23-11-2012 04:02
seeing is beliving but the most realest things in this world are thing we cant see
40. 23-11-2012 04:03
slender man is real i was going outside tonight then under the city light by the road i saw a 7 foot man i i didnt stop walking untill i was in front of him then all of a sudden my eyes started to water i started to cry the man had arms coming out of his back then his body started to change into air then i could control my body when i woke up i was in the forest last i remember i was still on my walk at night but for somereason it was morning and i was in the woods
41. 23-11-2012 04:15
you want to see the real slender man look up t 
his pic Stirling City Disappearances 1986 - 87 and trust me after that night when i saw him each time i see the real slender man my eyes suddenly start to water so i know hes the real if you guys choose to belive it
42. 10-12-2012 21:58
I am 18 years old. Live in a country town in NSW, Australia. 
Last week I went for a walk with a friend at about 9pm at night, we went down to a park near a school and met another friend. we were sitting at the bottom of the play equipment and I had that feeling you get when someone is looking at you, like how you can sense it. I looked out the corner of my eye and saw a white, bald, faceless man wearing a black suit and tie standing at the top of the equipment. 
I turned around to have a proper look, but he wasnt there anymore. 
I thought it was just my mind being silly and it wasnt anything real, but I keep turning around and checkin and he was always there. He had no eyes or anything, but I could tell he was watching me. Neither of my friends seemed to have seen him or anything, so I didn\'t mention anything because they\'d think I was loopy. 
I forgot about it all until yesterday when I was talking to a mate and we randomly started talking about spooky things and he mentioned how a few of his friends have told him about seeing a man in a suit. and I was like \'Oh my god! with no face!?\' and I had apparently seen exactly what his friends had seen. 
One of his friends saw it as a child in Ireland (I think it was),but when he grew up and moved over to Australia he hasn\'t seen it since, but the memories still haunt him. 
At first I thought I was becoming psychotic or something from using drugs..although i\'m not a heavy user. And my friends friends that have seen him don\'t use drugs at all, so it mustn\'t be that (thank god. in a way :/ ). 
The hell is going on!? WHY ME? 
What does he want!? Have I done something? 
It is literally driving me insane.
43. 03-03-2013 02:57
IM SO FREAKIN SCARED. Is it real?! Please what do you do to stop it from coming?!
44. 18-03-2013 16:18
Hey I thought he had no face, how can he see and talk?
45. 20-05-2014 14:50
Slender is cool
46. 20-05-2014 14:51
Slender is meh friend
47. 10-10-2014 00:58
Look all you none-believers. Slender man is real. He follows me and my friends everywhere, even at school. How is this so you might ask? This is true because my friends and me have seen him everywhere. My house makes up a cross type x and the trees around my house make up a circle. That is Slender Man's sign. Don't be afraid of him and if you find one of the pages, don't pick it up and get out of there. Once you pick that first piece, your already gone. Sorry for Lillian. Look not giving any of you my name or my familys name, but my sister is his servent. if you have questions, ask me.

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