Shaolin Iron Tiger Kung Fu

Shaolin Iron Tiger Kung Fu is a martial arts system derived from Shaolin Tiger Kung Fu and Muay Thai that is intended to be practical and easy to learn system of self-defense. Iron Tiger focuses primarily on fast techniques that revolve around four attack areas - eyes, throat, groin, and knees. Since Iron Tiger is geared towards self-defense, most techniques are designed to be simple and effective and therefore lacks the flashy appeal that attracts many people to other martial art systems.

Richard Greenlee serves as the system's leader and chief martial arts expert. Greenlee has studied various martial art systems and has obtained the rank of Master 6th degree in Okinawa-Shorin-Ryu Karate. He currently owns and operates a Kung Fu school in Circleville, Ohio.

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1. 28-10-2008 19:26
So where did Richard learn Kung Fu?
2. 10-11-2008 02:56
He learned Kung Fu in China. I know this because he is my grandfather and i live with him.
3. 14-11-2008 02:21
Which Master specifically taught him and under what discipline? 
Please forgive my curiosity, I can't seem to find any information on him. Thanks in advance!
4. 26-11-2008 14:07
Where is his school? Where can he be contacted?
5. 30-12-2008 19:55
I have studied under Greenlee for over twenty years. He is the real deal.
6. 13-01-2009 21:47
Again, can you please provide something to backup the lineage? I'm doing research on the evolution of martial arts in the United States. 
I'd like to cover this system in my research; unfortunately, with no data available it may not be possible.
7. 14-01-2009 13:11
He studied while in the Marine Corps during the vietnam era. His school is located in Circleville Ohio downtown and he has students who have their own schools open in Westerville Ohio, and another in Columbus Ohio. I studied with him from the age of 12 until i joined the military in 1989 and went off to Japan to study Ninpo under Toshiro Nagato. I am a fourth level black under the Shaolin Tiger Kung Fu Federation. Concerning Greenlee, If you look at the Soke ship council you will see where he was inducted as well as induction to the Marial Arts Hall of Fame. You may contact the GrandMaster in Circleville at any time.
8. 14-01-2009 13:43
I can not find a listing for his school in Circleville. Can you give an address or phone #? 
9. 01-12-2009 01:06
I studied under MASTER FULLER in Houston. I have been active in training & teaching scence closing of our school. I am planing to open another school. Should I find Master Fuller in this matter or can I go through the Federation. GrandMaster Greenlee is on my black sash Douments & how can I get cecked for permotions to next level. Thank you for any help in this .
10. 01-12-2009 13:24
Fuller teaches in the worthington ohio and columbus ohio areas to this day. Or atleast has schools there. I have Greenlee's address but will need to get permission from him before giving it out.
11. 02-03-2010 17:53
I am a current student of Grandmaster Greenlee. I also train under Some of Grandmaster Greenlee's best students. Grandmaster Huffman 7th degree black in Shaolin Iron Tiger Kung Fu and Master Instructor Miller 4th degree black in Shaolin Iron Tiger Kung Fu. 
Grandmaster Greenlee and his primary instructors are excellent to learn from and very respectful with an open mind. 
I am currently developing a site for our school that will be more informative over the style and history. Come visit us at
12. 31-05-2010 23:47
Robert Fuller is the one Richard was referring to. He had a school in Houston. He passed away last year. Greenlee trained in KungFu under a man named Sing Lee (he was called Iron Tiger by the Thais) who also trained Thai fighters in Thailand. . Greenlee was also the Golden Triangle Light Heavyweight Oriental kickboxing champion and had 12 successful title defenses before retiring from fighting. He trained in Okinawa in Shorin-Ryu under Shimabuku. Shimabuku introduced him to Lee who was teaching Shimabuku KungFu! There you go skeptic. The reason you didn't get any answers to your questions is because Greenlee is very humble and doesn't want or need to prove himself.
13. 03-07-2010 02:57
GrandMaster Greenlee teaches kung fu (for the times being atm) at 5:45 pm Wednesday and at the same time on Sunday its in Circleville on that brick road. I train under Greenlee, He is a very good teacher, a living Grand Master.
14. 14-09-2010 17:42
I too knew Master Fuller in Houston from 1980-1994 when I studied under him, I am very sad to find out that he has passed away since I have been searching for him the last five years. He was always a very influential person in my life.
15. 14-10-2010 12:31
I studied under master Fuller in houston in 1982-85? I have been searching for him for the last 3 years. He was and is one of The greatest men I ever knew. He will be missed But Remembered well.
16. 14-10-2010 12:37
Does anyone Know of a Legit Shaol lin instructor In the Kansas City Mo. area? I would prefer Iron Tiger? I Also met master Greenlee in Houaston at Tigers Den, Master Fullers School. He is A great instructor.
17. 19-11-2010 20:19
Claiming the name of Shaolin is serious buisness. Can someone send me Greenlee's lineage all the way back to the temples in China? Please do not say 'A chinese guy taught him', as that does NOT count as a lineage. 
As for Shaolin schools in Kansas City, I am not sure if there even are any.
18. 19-11-2010 20:30
Apparently my name can only be so long. As such, I'll put my lineage on this new message- 
Michael Kugler, 
Student of Grandmaster Edward Scott, 
Student of Ricky Anderson, 
Student of Wang Fu Yin
19. 30-11-2010 10:13
I am also a stundent of grandmaster Scott now located in Lufkin TX I can claim the same linage
20. 01-02-2011 02:37
This school is a scam its just like the ones in new york ( tiger schullman) dont listen to this guy! he'll SCAM you for your blackbelt!
21. 01-02-2011 18:46
Interesting discussion Michael, very nice defense of Shaolin from our lineage. I am your teacher's brother, and one of the Eight Immortals under High Priest Anderson and Abbot Wang. Bless you and the students in Lufkin, with honor!
22. 04-08-2011 06:53
i am an ex student of the wangs school of kung fu fighters now of the shalin temple first off ricky anderson claims to be 56 gen but the shoalin is only at 32 gen fighters second he claims wang yin is his master but wang yin is a fictional character from classic chinese litature also my master has seen what was taught to me and he says it is not traditional shoalin kung fu i got this from a monk of shaolin plus i have tryed to find this shoalin temple on mount wudang i have even ask people from china and they said there is no such thing as well as tryed to find it on the internet ricky and his his followers are the only ones who know of this temple
23. 25-10-2011 21:55
Thank you, Brother, for your upholding of the Shaolin Code AND of your Gung Fu classmate! Also, thank you to both of my students, William Fortenberry and Michael Kugler. Unfortunately in this day and age of nay-sayers and skeptics, TRUE AND LEGITIMATE MARTIAL ARTISTS choose to remain hidden in THIS country because of the SAME attitudes given and shown to them by similar people, world-wide. In the documenraty, NEEDLE THOUGH BRICK,those masters and grandmasters are aware that because of the advent of Western culture, values, ethics, and society (or, lack of), traditional Gung Fu not only has suffered, but almost has become non-existent OUTSIDE of China. Neither I, nor my Gung Fu Brother, Grandmaster Michael Aronson, nor my students, Mr. Kugler and Mr. Fortenberry are gonna come forward to prove ANY type of legitimacy or lineage that we have. Often times, the best proof is not in the pudding, but in the EATING, thereof! As far as Master Greenlee or Fuller are concerned, I will say this: I spent previous years in the Houston area, and have heard of both the Tigers'Den, and both of the afore-mentioned gentleman whose legitimacy was in question. I cannot say that they are who they are, because I have never met either of them. What I will say is that I havent heard anything NEGATIVE about them OR their legitimacy or lineage. with that alone, they should be given the benefit of the doubt. 
Now, if there are those who wish to CONTINUE to delve into issues and the business of the Wudang/Shaolin Gung Fu Federation and that of the Wudang Temple Boxers of whom I and my classmate and our Brothers and our Teacher, High Priest Ricky E. Anderson represent, then may I suggest that you go onto either OR and see how you can schedule a one-on-one session with either of us OR ALL of us. That way you can step forward and be a little bit freer to express yourself...You will have NO DOUBTIN YOUR MIND AFTERWARDS THAT WE AREN'T THE "REAL DEAL". It seems the only thing that impresses the Western mentality these days. Zaijian, XieXie Nin
24. 25-10-2011 22:05
Hello, Johnathan Dunn
25. 07-11-2011 05:27
I think the UFC has exposed all the mystical smoke and mirrors of "so called" traditionalists. Enough said!!!
26. 04-03-2012 13:08
Everything in my lifetime of studying Martial Art's at a novice level over a period of exactly 1 decade began to finally emerge and culminate due to the opportunity to find what every student seeks, that is, the truth and integrity of learning a art. 
"Thank you Master Mollica" 
"Safe Journey's too you all". 
27. 12-04-2012 23:43
i just joined his school and i want to fight in a ring. I was wondering about how long it will take?
28. 13-04-2012 18:04
i just started and i was wondering how long it would take to fight in a ring?
29. 13-04-2012 18:15
how long will it take for me to fight in a ring i just started.
30. 14-04-2012 23:38
31. 19-04-2012 14:53
32. 12-08-2012 23:45
Concerning Grand Master Greenlee and Master Fuller of Houston Tx. I am Robert Fuller Jr., son of Master Fuller. I am a 3rd Level Blacksash. Promoted under Greenlee. My father and I studied under Master Greenlee from 1974 to approximately 1997. We lived in Reynoldsburg Ohio. Master Greenlee is the real deal. If you are caught up with linage...go away. If you want to learn how to defend yourself. Greenlee will give you what you're looking for. I was a 98 lbs in 9th grade. Even the girls were beating me up. 3 months after studing with Greenlee, I took out the biggest guy on the football team with one back kick to the groin for walking on my heels exiting a classroom. No one ever in school ever tried to bully me again. I have been in 3 street fights and not one has ever lasted past my first kick. I trust Master Greenlee's teaching and recommend it. I have known him since I was about 14 yrs old and I am 52 yrs old now. Linage means nothing except when you're trying to discredit someone all for the sake of puffing yourself or your particular style up. Discrediting another martial arts system is not what martial arts is all about. Besides you don't make yourself look good by making others look bad. My father is gone now, but he developed an organization called the Order of the Tiger. It was about bringing the martials into brotherhood (or sisterhood if you're a girl). I have taught and I have been a student. I know, by experience, that Master Greenlee is a straight shooter and knows his Kung-Fu. I don't really care where he learned it. I care that he is one of the best instructors I have ever met. Period!
33. 19-08-2012 19:55
Concern where Master Richard A Greenlee learn Shaolin Tiger Kung-Fu. First, my qualifications. 1. I am a former student of Master Greenlee. 2. I am the son of Master Robert Fuller out of Houston. 3. I am a 3rd Level Blacksash and studied from the time I was 14 to 37 (23 yrs). A long time to know Master Greenlee. 4. Master Greenlee is a personal friend of mine. From the beginning. Master Greenlee, from what he has told me, learn Shorin-Ryu Karate in Circleville as a young man. He enlisted in the Marine Corps and was sent to Okinses (Japan) to be a hand-to-hand combat instructor. Part of his duties was to improve his own skills. To that end, he kick boxing and karate. His karate instructor there was learning Shaolin Tiger Kung-Fu from Master Sing Lee. His karate master introduced Greenlee to Sing Lee and the rest is pretty much history.  
To David Jameson, who on another website said that Greenlee's story was "self agrandizing", saying that shows that you don't know Master Greenlee. Master Greenlee has always been a humble person (which explains why he does not respond to your comments). I will speak to the abilities of the style of Shaolin Iron Tiger Kung-Fu. 
As I mentioned before, I started when I was 14 yrs old. Why? I was 94 lbs in the 9th grade and less than 5 foot (barely over that now). I was weak, timid, and even the girls were bullying me. My dad, Master Robert Fuller of Houston (deceased), was a very macho, Airbourne, Special forces, army type man, could not bear to hear how his timid son was getting beat up to the point that the beating were putting his son in the hospital and affecting his son's future life. One day while I was watching the Kung-Fu series, he said "Bobby Dean (family name), you are either going to learn to fight or your going to die. I have joined a Kung-Fu studio. Would you like to take lessons?". I jumped on the opportunity. The art came somewhat naturally to me. Three monthes later a very large school bully was attempting to assault me from behind. I took him out with a back thrust kick to the groin. Now, I am not attempting to bragg. I hated having to hurt the guy and I cried afterwards. I tell you this because Shaolin Iron Tiger Kung-Fu was God's way of helping me to grow. This art which you call "like spreading butter on bread at Thanksgiving" took a weakling like me and in three months time made people leave me alone so I could develope into a man and not a mass killer or some kind of character like the Ghost and Mr Chicken. It means alot to me even to this day (I'm 52). It is not about "self agrandizing" it is about a style that teaches the old values of true humility and respect for everyone. Unlike some of the systems I have seen at tournements which are teaching students to only have humility and respect towards those who wear a blackbelt.  
Please forgive my soapbox speech, but because the Shaolin Iron Tiger system is a full contact system, I feel it teaches students that they are better than they truely are. Students are made fully aware of what they have not perfected and they are made fully aware of what they have perfected. Consequently, their confidence is not arrogant and their humility as well as respect are true.  
I have seen blackbelts in other systems who are way over confident to the point of being cocky and who do well if everything goes perfect, but whould not know what to do if everything did not go perfect (which, by the way, is the definition of brownbelt). I have witness and been the victim of these blackbelts treating the average person disgracefully while treating higher ranking blackbelts as though they were gods. I have gone to tournements wearing street close and was asked to bow to a stick. Went home, put on my gui with my blackshash and came back to the tournement. Eveything was bow and Master this, Master that. How sickening. Shaolin Iron Tiger is "special" in this way. It is not special because it has moves that no other style has (that would be a violation of the Yin-Yang). It is special because it holds back promotion until it is proven both in the studio and on the street, one deserves the promotion.
34. 19-08-2012 20:02
My proof reading leaves something to be desired. I meant to say that the Shaolin Iron Tiger system does not teach students to believe they are better than they truely are. 
I apologize for the mix up.
35. 29-08-2012 10:50
i train under grandmaster greenlee and master huffman on pickaway street in circlville, ohio 43113 and i will attest that grandmaster greenlee and master huffman are not people that i would want to rob in a dark alley. just saying. i trust them with my life. they're great people. sorry, just wanted to point that out lol.
36. 16-10-2012 00:57
To Robert Fuller, Jr. -  
I was a student of your father's nearly 30 years ago after getting out of the army; down at the Tiger's Den in Houston. Just for whatever it's worth, I seriously admired that man. It was after trying several other schools that I found his, and it was a joy to have a teacher that didn't resemble the "Kobra Kai" type of instructor so prevalent back then. He was always one of the true examples of what I believe a master/teacher should be. I can attest to the combination of strength, capability, and humility that he somehow simultaneously displayed. (I'm 6'3", and was in my prime, farmboy strong and fresh home from the infantry when I met him, and that little man could just hand out all I could take; and make me glad to have spent the time taking it and learning from him.) I wish I had the words to tell you how much I admired him. 
I know you don't know me and we'll never meet, but I just wanted to say that having known your father is something I'm very glad of. I still have his picture on my office wall; he left that strong a mark on my life, even from that long ago.
37. 01-12-2012 04:17
ed scott sounds like an idiot.. and a racist! lol. really?!? hardly any legitimate martial arts outside of china? that is pathetic, there are legitimate martial arts in every country. in the us it is unsanctioned(for the most part) so you have to really look. i am currently looking for a better school. i live near lancaster and am looking for traditional karate or judo.
38. 14-12-2012 17:30
Can someone give information where this style is being taught in Westerville OH? I can't seem to find the place. Thanks
39. 27-01-2013 19:37
WHAT ?!?!  
My father has just passed, and I had been looking for Master Fuller in Houston to inform him. I find it very sad that this random thread on google I have found reveals this devastating news. 
Master Fuller was a true inspiration to me and my family.. We spent many fond years at the Tigers Den. I carried his guidance from my childhood into my every day life. 
I do remember training with you (Robert Jr.) .. and can only offer you very belated heavy condolences. I will miss your father as I now miss my own..  
(rest in peace shifu) ............/bow
40. 10-03-2013 03:29
Well grandmaster Scott answer this what is Ricky Anderson high priest in jail for right now what did the federal government arrest him for too I know what u and your school is up to that why I left and no longer a student I spoil it for everyone the government got him for real estate fraud didnt a student of yours sighn over land to you scott why did you leave lufkin after Anderson indictment answer these things with fancy answers and how many of Anderson student are apart of his frauds I got a whole back ground on Ricky he was trained in Dallas not china your claims are too far out there to believe and know I know why your not just a fruad in kung fu but also criminals
41. 23-07-2013 03:29
I knew Anderson before he moved to Texas. He taught me kung fu in Louisiana. He came to Texas to finish teaching me. It may or may not be traditional kung fu but it works so who cares. As for his crimes we are human. I am a better person because of him.
S. Douglas
42. 29-03-2014 21:56
does any one remember the tigers den on s.high street in col.ohio as for greenlee he learned under sing lee real shaolin .back in the 70s and 80s every one feared us my first instructor was skip we fought hard back then we broke bones not like todays schools that teach dance. the key to what we teach is softness with hard kicks and knock out punches part of what we do is chi gong and tia chi using the energy ball for using chi for strikes and blocks if any one uses shaolin they first must learn chi
43. 21-02-2016 23:59
Hey my # is 5046761416 former student of Richards and moving to Texas in April
44. 23-08-2016 02:29

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