Sergey Makhlai

Sergey V. Makhlai (born in 1969 in Gubakha, Perm Region) is a Russian-American banker and industrialist.
He started his career after completing military service in 1987 - 1989, working in mid-management positions at construction companies in Togliatti. He received his bachelor’s degree in Chemicals machinery, construction and patent studies from Togliatti State University in 1993.
He moved to the US in 1994, where he has been managing a company active in selling chemicals production equipment and real estate transactions since 1996.
He obtained an MBA degree from University of North Carolina in 2003.
He has been on the board of Togliatti-based TogliattiKhimBank since 2004 and RTS Bank, another bank based in Togliatti, since 2005.
He was elected Chairman of the Board of Togliattiazot in March 2011.
He is married and raising two daughters.
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