Sending you sammy

Sending You Sammy is the first installment of the Adventures of sammy series which follows Sammy as he becomes a superhero named BananaBoy. Meant to be a solution to the rising problem of childhood obesity, Sending You Sammy starts this series out with a party - literally.

It's May 20th and it's Sammy's tenth birthday party and, after celebrating with healthy foods and games with friends, Sammy goes to put his presents away and is greeted by a magician. The magician then gives Sammy the power of BananaBoy and the first task of talking to his friend Jason about eating fruits and vegetables. Jason regularly declines eating healthy and normally chooses chocolate or chips for a snack. Explaining to Jason that chips are made of potatoes and the energy that banana's hold, Sammy is able to get Jason on the right path by having him limit his junk food habits and choosing to try different fruits and vegetables to find his favourite.

Published in March of 2007 with ProSpec Industries Inc, this book and series is written by Sarah Butland and will be a favourite for you and your children.

Although Sending You Sammy is a fictional story it is loosely based on Butland's nephews and can therefore relate to any child you know.

Featured in Canadian Living in the April 2008 issue, and in her local paper in June, Sending You Sammy is quickly becoming a bestseller in the country.

Upcoming coverage includes CBC Radio on June 30 between 1530 and 1800 AST.

ISBN 13: 978-0978123802
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