Screwed in Houston

Screwed In Houston is a 2007 5-part documentary that chronicles the underground Houston rap scene and music style known as Chopped and Screwed that was pioneered by DJ Screw. The film also documents the main ingredient of this style of music known as Lean or , which is a mixture of prescription cough syrup containing Codeine with Promethazine. Hosted by Vice New York correspondent Trace Crutchfield, the film follows Crutchfield into several inner city neighborhoods including South Park, 5th Ward, and the 3rd Ward on his quest to discover the roots and beginnings of this uniquely Houston based style of hip-hop music.
Interspersed throughout the documentary are interviews with local hip-hop performers including Bernard "Bun B" Freeman of UGK, Willie D of the Geto Boys, Devin the Dude, K-Rino, Klondike Kat, KB Da Kidnappa (and his python), Q-Boi, Dope-E and other notable performers from the loose group known as the South Park Coalition.
The film chronicles the evolution of the Houston sound from the breakout album The Geto Boys to the creation of the Chopped and Screwed style developed by DJ Screw. One entire episode is dedicated to the godfather of Chopped and Screwed and includes rare video footage that was recorded only a few days before his death.
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