Salt and Demetri the Greek

Salt and Demetri the Greek host the morning show at 96 Rock in Raleigh, NC. They
started together in November of 2005 along with Carmen Conners, who left the show in August of 2006. They were hired in October 2005 by Curtis Media Group Vice President Phil Zachary, 96 Rock & Y102.9 General Manager Mike Hartel and 96 Rock Program Director Foster. Salt & Demetri the Greek were not together until coming to Raleigh. In fact they didn't even meet one another until their interview.


Salt, who grew up in Wilmington, DE, got his unique nickname while in school at Virginia Tech. He happened to be drunk one morning and was angrily shouting down the hall because no one would watch The Love Boat with him. Salt left Virginia Tech and earned his degree from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Salt began designing furniture, and was once contacted by MTV to design some pieces for the cable network's summer beach house.

Salt also worked in construction, owning his own company in the Raleigh, NC area until 2001 when he moved to Richmond, VA to pursue a career in radio. He began working for Clear Channel as a weekend host on alternative station 102.1 the X and a weekend producer for Sports Radio 910. Salt quickly rose to producer and then co-host of the Mike Maniscalco Show on the sports station. By the time Salt left Richmond (without his beloved cat Muscles), he was also the station's promotions director.

He loves tattoos, and has several. He recently revealed on air that his tattoo artist of choice is named Lacy. She works at Phoenix Tattoo in Raleigh. Salt's mother hates his tattoos and is often disappointed when he unveils a new one to her. His love of tattoos has inspired Demetri to get one of his own.

Salt claims to be able to read upwards of 80 words per minute and lift 50 pounds over his head. Salt also enjoys oragami and according to , his fingers are as nimble as a hummingbird. He loves comic books and is a fan of NASCAR and the Tennessee Titans.

Demetri the Greek

Demetri is actually Greek. His dad came to the US from Greece in the 1970s. Demetri grew up in Mobile, Alabama, where his radio career began at the age of 15 as an intern for Baldwin Broadcasting's WZEW-FM.

After graduating from the University of Alabama, Demetri moved to Birmingham, Alabama with his then girlfriend and now wife Sally. He worked as the promotions director for WODL. When that station flipped formats, Demetri was moved to nights on sister station WBPT - a job that Demetri says exposed him to the awful music of Benny Mardones, whome Demetri believes is a child molester.

We recently found out how much Demetri loves Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. He has never made it a secret, but the degree to which he is devoted to the band has shown during interviews with Steven Van Zandt and in "The Battle of New Jersey." Demetri chose Springsteen and Salt chose Bon Jovi. Listeners had to call and vote on which they liked better.
After Bon Jovi won, Demetri began berating the listeners and calling them names and then refused to continue with the show.

Demetri is a die-hard fan of the New York Yankees and the Durham Bulls. He and his wife have hard arguments because Demetri wants to name the couple's first son Don Mattingly. He hates most animals, but has said on many occasions that he would like his own black bear, which he would name Paddington. He has been called a "geek" by comedian Christopher Titus and "fat" by North Carolina State football coach Tom O'Brien.

Other Characters and Friends of the Program
*MeNut - MeNut made his debut in February of 2007 with a karaoke version of Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog." He has since appeared on the show every Friday to perform an original song.

*Bomani Jones - The sports and pop culture writer from is a close friend of Demetri and is often on the phone to talk about college sports. His first appearance was for an article he wrote about the lack of support for the Carolina Hurricanes in the area. The article and appearance on the show earned Bomani a slew of hate mail.

*Mick Mixon - The play-by-play voice of the Carolina Panthers is a friend of the program and fan of the station.

*Woody Durham - The play-by-play voice of the UNC Tar Heels has been a friend of the program since he threw a chili dog at Demetri during a Tar Heels football game in 2006.

*Lee Spencer - NASCAR writer for the Sporting News

*John Forslund & Tripp Tracy - The television play-by-play team for the Carolina Hurricanes. Each have made countless appearances on the show. Forslund's appearances often turn from hockey talk to hair care advice.

*Mike Commodore - The Carolina Hurricanes defenseman gave Demetri the nickname "chicken wing," and then betrayed Demetri by giving Salt his cell phone number.

*Kiki - The guys sometimes call Demetri's mother to comment on various holidays and pop culture events. She was very sad about the death of Steve Irwin and does not like Bill Nye the Science Guy. D used to make her pay for her own Christmas present.

*Robert the Other Fat Guy - Robert is a listener that was selected to join Demetri the Greek in his quest to lose 100 pounds. During the course of the workouts, Robert's competitive nature reared it's ugly head. He was constantly doing one more rep than D on each exercise or 10 more pounds on each lift.

*Chris Corchiani - The Wolfpack basketball legend first appeared on the show during NC State's basketball coaching search.
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