RosenkreuzStilette is a platforming adventure game developed by erka:es, released late in December 2007. It is quite popular among fans for mechanics similar to the Mega Man series, as well as cute characters and beautiful serene settings, references to various other video game franchises, and various styles of music. It is also known to use a combination of both German and Japanese languages.

In this Doujin soft game, players take control of Spiritia Rosenberg, the main character, who sets off on a quest to save her friends and prevent the leader and founder of erka:es (which is also the same name as the company who developed the game), a vampire named Graf Michael Sepperin, from taking over the world. Ultimately, in the end, Spiritia has to fight against his biological daughter, Iris Sepperin, who turns on her own father after Spiritia defeats him. Another edition of RosenkreuzStilette, called RosenkreuzStilette Freudenstachel, is currently in production, with its story revolving around Spiritia's best friend and main rival, Freudia Neuwahl.


The gameplay in RosenkreuzStilette is similar to that found in Mega Man. Players travel around long stages, shooting bullets at enemies that stand in the player character's way. At the end of a stage, a boss will be fought, and if the player is able to defeat the boss, the player character can then acquire its special weapon to use from then on. After all eight bosses are defeated, the player must then play through two castles, with four stages for each one.


The game's story tells that, thousands of years ago, humans were gifted with a special magic called "Magi". As years passed, however, the humans eventually lost that ability and only few were born with such a gift. Those born with such a gift, however, ended up with a life of being feared, hated, and persecuted by the Holy empire and Orthodox church. The Magi users decided to stand up to the empire and fought a holy war with them. This war ultimately resulted in the Holy empire accepting the Magi users as part of their fighting force, erka:es, which never forgot the persecution of the Magi users, although it seemed like a thing of the past.

Decades later, young Spiritia Rosenberg, aided by her fairy friend Lilli, returns home to be welcomed back home by Iris Sepperin, the biological daughter of the leader of erka:es, Graf Michael Sepperin. Suddenly, a dragon appears and makes off with her, leaving her pendant behind, and Lilli, frightened, runs away. Then suddenly, the whole place comes under attack, and Spiritia rushes off to attempt to prevent the attack. She finds Lilli, and then encounters Freudia Neuwahl, and finds out from her that Tia's friends, including Freudia, are waging a holy war in belief that it is their right to use their power to claim dominance and end their persecution forever. Not one to agree with their way of doing things, Spiritia, aided by Lilli, decides to get to the bottom of their sudden madness.

After saving all eight of her friends, Spiritia storms Sepperin's castle, making her way past several guards, including Raimund Seyfarth, before finally reaching Graf Michael Sepperin himself. She questions him on why he wants to conquer the world, and then proceeds to fight him. She defeats him, but then out of nowhere, somebody attacks him from behind, destroying him in a burst of flame. That someone is none other than his daughter, Iris, who was kidnapped by the dragon not long after she greeted her welcoming her home when she returned. Iris then proceeds to overpower Tia, but is stopped by Freudia. Iris then escapes, and Freudia fully heals Tia, who then runs off after Iris. After reaching her castle, and navigating it while defeating all of the guards that stand in her way, Spiritia finally confronts Iris. Iris gets in her machine to fight Tia, but Tia destroys it, and Iris escapes again, in her capsule, and Tia gives chase again. Eventually, she finds a dragon that was apparently chained up; this is the same dragon that kidnapped and made off with Iris after she welcomed Spiritia back home. Spiritia frees the dragon, who in return carries her off to one last showdown with Iris. She defeats her, and Iris surrenders to Tia. However, Tia doesn't exactly trust Iris, who, enraged by this, suddenly collapses the whole castle, trying to knock Tia down with it. Luckily, the same dragon that Spiritia freed saves her just in the nick of time, and it carries both her and Lilli to a floating island, where all of Tia's friends are waiting for her.


Spiritia Rosenberg (RKS001 Eins): The main character of RosenkreuzStilette, a girl dressed in what appears to be Gothic lolita, Spiritia adventures to save her friends and stop Graf Michael Sepperin, the leader of erka:es, from taking over the world. She is shown to have a positive additude. Her friends call her "Tia" for short. Her weapon is Seele Gewehr, which lets her shoot magical energy in the form of bullets. She can also acquire the weapons of fallen opponents, like Mega Man, and later on acquires two other special weapons, Silberflügel "Eins", which places a platform with wings under it that she can get on to get to higher, normally-impossible-to-reach places, and Silberflügel "Zwei", which places a wing-shaped board in front of her and carries her over long lines of dangerous hazards.

Lilli: Spiritia's cute little fairy friend who often travels with her. Lilli hails from her fellow fairies' village. She is shown to have a cheerful and playful personality, and doesn't like Iris. She often acts like Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, only without the "Look!", "Listen!", "Hey!", and all those other memorable quotes. If Spiritia finds and collects a power-up located within Trauare Wrede's stage, she can then be capable of having Lilli attack her enemies, often like Beat.

Freudia Neuwahl (RKS002 Zwei): Spiritia's best friend and main rival, Freudia is a girl that she has known for the longest out of all her friends at erka:es. She is fought twice in the game, and later shows up to protect Spiritia from Iris' attack. She is also to appear in the upcoming RosenkreuzStilette Freudenstachel where she is to be the main playable character. Her weapon is Freuden Stachel, which fires lines of icicles at the user's opponent. She is also shown to be capable of teleporting and levitating in the air, as well as making functional copies of herself. In RosenkreuzStilette Freudenstachel, she will most likely possess powers similar to that of Spiritia.

Zorne Sepperin (RKS003 Drei): A girl who uses bombs to attack, which explode in a cross-shaped pattern, like those of Bomberman. Has a mechanical arm as well as robots scattered throughout her stage that strikingly resemble her. Her personality seems to show her as an angry, hot-headed child at the best of times, plus, seeing that her last name is Sepperin, she may be closely related to Graf Michael Sepperin and his daughter, Iris. Her weapon is Zornes Bombe, which creates bombs to use to attack.

Trauare Wrede (RKS004 Vier): A swimmer who fights using a spear as well as small water tornadoes. Her stage branches off in two paths - the lower half contains Lilli's item, which allows Spiritia to have Lilli attack enemies. Trauare's weapon is Klage Harnisch, which sends out watery tornadoes and is good for attacking airborne enemies.

Luste Teuber (RKS005 Funf): A cheerful, rowdy, and childish devil girl who, like Spiritia, seems to be dressed in Gothic lolita, although, unlike Spiritia, she doesn't actually wear much. She tends to roleplay, often thinking of others as the bad guy. Her weapon is Lust Atem, which launches a fire shot in different directions, and when charged, fires an even bigger one.

Grolla Seyfarth (RKS006 Secks): One of the oldest members of erka:es, Grolla fights using an oversized sword, and seems to always have a calm yet jealous, ambitious, and impulsive personality. She is said to have been taught by Raimund Seyfarth. Entering a certain code on the game's opening logo allows players to play an alternate mode, RosenkreuzStilette Grollschwert, where they can play as her; she plays a lot like Zero from Mega Man X and/or Mega Man Zero. Her weapon is Groll Schwert, which attacks enemies with a purple slash effect.

Sichte Meister (RKS007 Sieben): Grolla's good friend, which you can tell since they happen to be seen together a lot. Shown to be overly well-endowed, and capable of controlling time and throwing knives to attack, much like Dio Brando from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou Project. Her weapon is Die geplante Zukunft, which freezes time and lets its user fire green crystal bullets; this weapon is useful when its user is in a pinch.

Liebea Palesch (RKS008 Acht): A soft-spoken, seemingly pacifistic girl who is shown to have a kind and gentle personality, as well as seeming to have self-esteem issues. Would rather not fight and try to remain as friendly with people as possible. Has a brother named Karl who is thought to be a warrior. When she cries, rain starts to fall down and, against her wishes, cause harm to others. Her weapon is Liebes Sturm, which causes rain to fall and attack all enemies on-screen.

Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle (RKS009 Neun): Deemed by fans as one of the strangest characters ever, Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle, or Schwer for short, is dressed in cat-like pajamas and has a pet squid that often accompanies her. Schwer can summon a shield of maces around herself, while her pet squid shoots ink that blinds opponents. Despite being shown to have a bored and shy demeanor and not have much else of a personality, her stage is like a funhouse, filled with parodies and often giving fans a good laugh, which is usually at the cost of a life. Her weapon is Geister Wand, which, as said before, summons a shield of maces around its user.

Raimund Seyfarth: A Grim Reaper-like entity who guards the bridge of Sepperin's castle, and fights using a combination of a red-bladed sword and scythe. Said to be Grolla's grandfather and teacher. Interestingly enough, he fights like Death from the Castlevania games, acting like the one in Aria of Sorrow by having his scythe attack the player character before coming into battle later.

Graf Michael Sepperin: A vampire who is the main antagonist of RosenkreuzStilette. He is the leader of erka:es, and was once a kind man who everyone looked up to like a father. He teleports around, throws fire, and can transform into a huge demon, just like Dracula from various Castlevania games.

Iris Sepperin: Michael Sepperin's biological daughter, who gets kidnapped by a dragon in the beginning of Spiritia's story. Later, after she defeats Michael Sepperin, Iris appears out of nowhere and turns on her own father, backstabbing him and overpowering Spiritia afterwards, but thankfully for Tia, Freudia comes to her rescue, causing Iris to flee, after which Freudia fully heals Tia. Iris is the final boss of the game, and is not to be confused with a similarly-named character from Mega Man X4; unlike that similarly-named character, she is a deceitful, wicked, and malicious person despite being a normal, innocent-looking little girl. When fighting in her machine and capsule, she fights very similarly to Dr. Wily from the classic Mega Man series.

RosenkreuzStilette Grollschwert

RosenkreuzStilette Grollschwert is an alternate mode for the game that puts players in control of Grolla Seyfarth. As said before, she plays a lot like Zero from the Mega Man series.

Grolla's story in this alternate mode is the same as Spiritia's story, save for a few different twists. In the beginning, Iris Sepperin kills a priest begging for mercy and then Grolla and her friend Sichte Meister show up to consult her, and Grolla leaves walking on the bridge. Thinking for a moment, she decides to prove what a great Magi user she is, and runs off to practice her swordplay and fight and defeat her eight friends, as well as Graf Michael Sepperin, to improve herself - especially Spiritia Rosenberg, the original player character, who replaces Grolla as the boss of her own stage when players select it while playing as Grolla.

After Iris betrays her own father, she tries to attack Grolla, but Grolla easily blocks the attack with her sword and then attempts to attack Iris, who escapes just in time. Calling Iris a traitor, Grolla then chases her to her castle. After Grolla defeats Iris in the last battle, when Iris collapses the whole castle trying to take Grolla with it, Grolla escapes on her own, afterwards standing on a cliff watching the castle collapse and afterwards wondering what she had been fighting for, and how her friends were doing these days.

RosenkreuzStilette Freudenstachel

RosenkreuzStilette Freudenstachel is currently in production. Basically, the game's story is to revolve around Freudia Neuwahl, and will feature new characters and new bosses as well, designed by fans of RosenkreuzStilette. Freudia will most likely possess powers similar to Spiritia's in this game, as she is the main playable character.

Strudel the fairy will most likely serve a similar purpose to Lilli in the first edition. She was designed by Shizuku.

Dolis Warmind (RKS010) seems to attack like Tengu Man from Mega Man 8. Her weapon is Fessel Spirale, and she may probably be playable in an alternate mode. She was designed by Hichitsu-kun.

Pamela Arwig (RKS011), designed by alphes, seems to use a fencing sword of sorts, and her weapon is Weiß Silber.

Eifer Skute (RKS012), designed by zaku6, has a weapon, Eifer Stachel, that may be similar to Freudia's.

Schirach Fühler (RKS013), designed by Tatei, seems to wield a mallet, though it may just as easily be a scythe. Her weapon is Licht Faust.

Lecht and Rink Refraktia (RKS014 & RKS015), twin nuns who were both designed by REDMOON, seem to have a symbiosis that makes them similar to Gemini Man from Mega Man 3. Their weapon is Falsche Gestalt. Also, rumors are persistent regarding Axelle Blitzdonner (RKS016), who was designed by Mint Mania IIDX.
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