Rick Kopatich

Richard Kopatich is an American investor, accountant, and political activist living in Greendale, Wisconsin. Kopatich's career can be divided into two phases: the business years and the political years, though he has never strayed entirely from business dealings. Kopatich is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the former CFO of Plastic Engineered Components. Today he is best known as the leader of the Greendale Taxpayers Group - a Wisconsin-based political action committee (PAC) aimed primarily at school reform. The Greendale Taxpayers Group has made prominent attempts at stymieing spending to repair or rebuild schools and preventing raises for teachers. Kopatich argues that health plan for Greendale School System employees is too expensive and that it is placing an unnecessary tax burden on Greendale residents.
Kopatich and the Greendale Taxpayers group also partnered with the grassroots political action group Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG Network) and aimed their reform efforts at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC). Together, the group launched a pro bono audit of MATC to expose inefficient and ineffective government spending.

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