Reza Mohammady

Reza Mohammady (), is an Iranian human-computer interaction engineer, award winning game developer and acclaimed web designer.
He is also the creator of Augmented Reality aided simulation project XARMEX.
In 2009, Mohammady was involved in the Iranian motion picture Farewell Baghdad as US Army military adviser and also portrayed Corporal Nick Wilson from US 3rd Infantry Division.
Reza Mohammady received 1st rank of Khwarizmi International Award in 1999, for developing STYX game engine (game technology/concept creating interactive environments by manually marking up of a pre-recorded video footage), also 2nd place in 2000 for SemiLive Anatomy (Utilizing STYX engine to develop a human/animal anatomy software using a real video footage), and 3rd place in 1997 for Visual F(X) (Simple mathematical software to visualize up to 4th degree equations).
In 2008, he became an official member of Iran's National Elites Foundation.
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