Rachel Giese

Rachel Giese is an award-winning Canadian journalist.<ref nameXtra2012-05-30/><ref nameGlobal2014-03-13/><ref nameTorontoLife/><ref nameCbc2015-07-05/>
Giese has been an editor or columnist at: The Grid, The Walrus, the Toronto Star, Chatelaine, in addition to being published in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Life, Canadian Business, Flare.<ref name=TaGiese/> She has worked as a television producer and writer for CityTV and the CBC. She also taught journalism at Ryerson University.
In 2010 the Toronto Star profiled Giese and her spouse's home ownership choices.<ref name=TorStar2010-08-13/>
In 2014 the Ryerson Review of Journalism interviewed Giese about her most difficult interview.<ref name=RyersonReviewOfJournalism/>
Giese, a regular host or organizer at the International Federation of Authors, was first interviewed about her participation by the Globe and Mail in 2010.<ref nameIfoa/><ref nameGlobeAndMail2010-10-21/>
In 2017 Giese published a book, on child-rearing, entitled Boys: What It Means to Become a Man in the 21st Century.<ref name=Boys/>
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