Porto Elounda Deluxe Resort

Porto Elounda Deluxe Resort, originally named Porto Elounda Mare in the year of its first operation (1992), is a 5-star resort in Elounda, Crete, Greece, built by its architect-owner Spyros Kokotos and is the first golf hotel on Crete, thus marking an important milestone in the island's tourism development.


Porto Elounda Deluxe Resort on a 100,000 square-metre plot of land first purchased by his brother, George Kokotos, in the year 1979 and originally under the company name of "Marlounda" (a term comprising the Italian "Mare", for "sea", and the locality name of Elounda).

Planned during the 3-year period 1987-1990, the resort was originally conceived as a golf hotel with a main building and numerous villas spread around the rest of the property. This design was publicised within the reception area of the Elounda Mare hotel, owned by the same aforementioned architect, in order to attract interest from the latter's clientele.

The first year of operation was 1992, whereby only 10 timeshare villas were available to the international vacation-ownership market as well as for rent. This mode of operation was chosen in order to raise capital for the construction of the remainder of the resort.

The resort's main building was completed in the year 1993. It comprised 110 rooms and suites, the public areas (reception, lounges, restaurant, bar, verandahs) and a multi-purpose room for public functions. In the same year, a seaside restaurant was opened next to the resort's sandy beach in order to serve beach-going guests during lunch time.

In 1994, the resort's 9-hole par-3 golf course was first operated under limited conditions. 5 of the planned 9 holes were commissioned, while construction continued nearby. Construction was supervised by the English golf designer Chris Pittman.

In 1995, the golf course had been completed and all 9 holes were in operation. Distances ranged from 56m. to 123m, making it a small par-3 golf course.

In 1996, a further 9 villas were added. A seaside swimming pool with circular bar were also added, together with a small games-room, commissioned in the month of June. A seaside expansion was planned but licensing was delayed. 15 stone walls were erected on the seaside north of the seaside restaurant to delineate the location of the planned bungalows.

In 1997, the 15 aforementioned bungalows were completed and commissioned in the month of June.

In 1998, a shopping arcade and covered terrace were added behind the swimming pool and bar, and named "Plagiada" (Greek: Πλαγιάδα), beginning operation July. A Christian Orthodox chapel named Prophet Elias was completed one month later.

In 1999, 24 seaside bungalows were added to the southern coast of the resort.

In 2006, the resort's expansion was commisioned in the month of May, while the spa was commissioned in the month of July.


The operation of the Porto Elounda Deluxe Resort revolves around the family-friendly character of the resort and mainly attracts families with children during the high and medium seasons of operation (roughly spanning April-October).

Since 2006, a large spa has been added to the resort, managed by the Thailand-based company Six Senses Spas. This spa has caused the resort to switch its marketing and sales focus more towards the wellness market, as well as to attract more business during the low season (roughly spanning November-March).


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