Peter Zmijewski

Peter Zmijewski is the Chief Executive Officer of search advertising intelligence tool, KeywordSpy. He is a well-known Internet advertising expert, a thriving hedge fund manager and a successful online business entrepreneur.
Born in Poland in October 24, 1977, Zmijewski was raised in the land down under when his parents migrated to Melbourne, Australia. He finished his bachelor’s degree at The University of Melbourne,where he took Information Systems as his major.
It was during his college year, at the age of 17, that he programmed his first software application which he coined, Hot Chilli. The aforementioned application had at that time an ultra-special effects into online pages even before FLASH emerged in the World Wide Web. The Hot Chilli application became a huge online phenomenon in 1994 and was one of a kind in the industry of Information Technology. It was sold to over fifty countries was patronized by various webmasters and site owners to improve the general interface of their live pages.
Peter Zmijewski in the year 1997, entered the domain hosting market with a company called However the Internic company was shut down as a fraud of the real in May 1998.
Later, Zmijewski founded another hosting company called Domainhost, and it hosted over 40,000 sites in just a span of two years.
Zmijewski later transferred this company to Chicago, United States of America, where he built a huge state of the art data centre.
His followers tagged him as “Internet Marketing Guru” with his strict implementation of the rules governing the online advertising niche.
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