Paramahansa Shree-Mad Swami Nigamananda Saraswati Deva’s disciple :



 Paramahansa Shree-Mad Swami Nigamananda Saraswati Deva’s disciple :
Durga Charan Mohanty.

Shri Durga Charan Mohanty was born in 1912 at Biratunga, a remote village near Konark of Orissa. From Child hood he came under influence of Shree Thakur (Swami Nigamananda) and longed to see him.  In the very first meeting he was so much impressed and deeply moved that the relationship lasted a life time, thus transforming him into the "Parichalaka Bhai" (Sole Administrator Brother) of Nilachala Saraswata Sangha, Puri. He wrote a lot of books on Shree Shree Thakur and translated Thakurji's writings from Bengali to Oriya language.  

 By his pioneering effort more than 100 ashrams opened at difference places of Orissa and beyond.  He recognised Shree Thakur as the means for , as well as the end of, all human quest. His entire preaching is based on the philosophy, for which only Shree Thakur came to this world and did all the austere sadhana (penance).  He narrated  "I longed to see Shree Shree Thakur after reading His Jogiguru book. As a young boy I had the opportunity of having His let darshan (seeing) at 5 PM, Thursday on 20.03.1930. This was the meeting of a life time. In 1934 Shree Thakur instructed me to notedown his sayings.  On 05.06.1934 I was initiated (given dikshya) by Shree Thakur. On 24.08.1934,Friday (Shree Thakurji's Birthday) Nilachala Saraswata Sangha(NSS) was established by Shree Thakur Himself". He continued to spread the mesage of Shree Thakur till his worldly departure on 07.12.1985, 9 PM, at Biratunga.   NSS Puri’s Parichalaka(administrator) seat is reserved for him for all time. Hence he is called “Nitya Parichalaka” of NSS Puri. He had written many books of Shree Thakur and established more than 100 Sakha Sanghas and Ashrams. 


The list of books written by him and translated to ODIYA are few given below:  Shree Shree Thakur NigamanandaNigam LahariNigam TatwaShree Nigamananda Kathamruta (I,II & III)Nigam UpadeshNilachala VaniShree Shree Guru GitaVedanta BibekaNigamananda Katha Sanghra ( I & II)Sansar Pathe (Bhavana)Sansar Pathe (Siddhi)Sansar Pathe (Sadhana)Sansar Pathe (Sangram)Bhakta SammilaniSaraswata Sangha NittiTatwa malaNirajanaSatti Charitra Mala (Adarsha Naari Jeeban)Satti Charitra Mala (Adarsha Gruhini)Satti Charitra Mala (Adarsha Naari Tawta Sadhana)Satti Charitra Mala (Adarsha Adarsa Janani)Brahamcharya SadhanaYogi guruGyaani GuruTantrik GuruPremika Guru

Note: Readers are requested, while purchasing the book see the name Durga Charan Mohanty


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