Oshodhara is a unique spiritual stream, that emerges from Osho and is taken forward by three of his enlightened disciples, now known as Sadguru Trivir. The trinity of Masters, comprising of Osho Siddhartha, Osho Shailendra and Osho Priya started this commune on 2 April 1998. Currently they have their headquarters at Murthal (Haryana - India) and centers spread all over the world.
"Core teaching of all sages, Upanishdic rishis, Lord Krishna, Mahavir, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Guru Gorakhnath, Kabir, Nanak and Osho, is Omkar. Oshodhara has taken upon itself the responsibility to present this point in proper perspective."
From Lord Shiva, who appeared as the first master on the earth, to Osho, the greatest mystic of our times, many paths- Vedanta, Sankhya, Yoga, Tantra, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, Sufism, Zen, Hasid, Tao, Baul, Sikhism, etc., have been discovered to reach the peak of human consciousness, but there has been hardly any effort to synthesize these paths scientifically in a sequential manner before Osho. Oshodhara, walking down the neo-path of Osho, pledges to take forward these scientific techniques and reach out masses.
Osho Says, "We need a new kind of human being who has both wings: the wings of knowledge, science, technology, and the wings of meditation, enlightenment, love, and freedom. When both wings are functioning in a deep synchronicity, in a deep togetherness, in accord and harmony, then only man is complete, total." Oshodhara is committed to create such a man.
Osho Siddhartha
Osho Siddhartha was born on 23 September 1942 at Karma, District Rohtas, Bihar, India. He did his schooling in Neterhat Residential School (1955-61), and did M.SC, AISM, PHD in Indian School Mines, Dhanbad, India, where he also served as lecturer till 1975. He joined Coal India Ltd in 1975 where he worked as General Manager till 2002. He did senior Executive Course in Management at Manchester Business School, UK in 1991.
Osho Siddhartha’s quest for truth took him to several Masters of different Spiritual traditions. He joined Osho’s Neo-Sannyas movement on 13 May 1980. Osho Siddhartha experienced satori in December 1988 and founded Indian Institute of Yoga and Management.
He was blessed with Enlightenment on 5 March, 1997. He developed several levels of Samadhi programs under Oshodhara and is helping the seekers on the path of Enlightenment.
Osho Shailendra
Osho Shailendra was born on 17 June 1955 as younger brother of Osho. He joined Osho’s Neo-Sannyas movement in 1971. He did his MBBS from Jabalpur University in 1978. He lived in Osho Commune in Pune during 1978-81. He went to Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, USA in 1981 and lived with Osho till 1985.
He came back to India and served in Orient Paper Mills at Amlai (MP) as Chief Medical Officer during 1986-99. He again went to Osho Commune, Pune during August 89-September 90 during last days of Osho leaving His body.
He was blessed with Enlightenment on 5 January 2001. He is a member of Osho Acharya Trivir, a Trinity of Living Masters, who regularly conduct Oshodhara Samadhi Programs.
Osho Priya
Osho Priya was born on 8 May 1958. She did her M. A. in Philosophy and Prabhakar in Music in 1979. She joined Osho’s-Neo-Sannyas movement in 1973. She married Swami Shailendra now known as Osho Shailendra in 1979. She lived in the Osho Commune in Pune during 1978-81.
She went to Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, U.S.A, in 1982 and lived there with Osho till 1985. She came back to India and went to Osho Commune Pune in August 1989 and lived there till September, 1990 during the last days of Osho . She worked as a teacher in OPM Shikshan Kendra during 1990-99.
She was blessed with Enlightenment on 25 January 2000.
She is a wonderful singer and 25 of her albums of Bhajans (devotional songs) have already become very popular among the seekers. She had the privilege of singing some of her songs in the presence of Osho, who enjoyed her singing with much appreciation.
She is a member of Osho Acharya Trivir, a Trinity of Living Masters, who are regularly conducting Oshodhara Samadhi Programs.
Since its inception in 1998, Oshodhara has been a state of art institution and has achieved several remarkable milestones.
Oshodhara has established several Infrastructure, Ashrams and Dhams, which includes the latest Maun Kunj at Oshodhara Nanak Dham that will help Sahej Samadhi Graduates to learn about how to live in divine rememberance all the time. So far, Oshodhara has coined 12 Samadhi programs and nearly 10 pragya programs. These have yielded more than 400 Acharyas, 400 members of Osho Sant Sangha with Self Realization and thousands of Sannyasis, who have learnt the secret of blissful living.
Not to forget, the Oshodhara has produced more than 600 titles on Sant Vani, which is the highest number so far. Also, with 600+ pravachans on Sants, masters from Oshodhara has proved that every Saint has tried to explain the very same concept of "Omkar".
In addition to more than 50 Dhyan Samadhi Kendras operating in India and abroad various large residential complexes, known as Dhams, have been established in India and Nepal, where Oshodhara Samadhi Groups are regularly being conducted by Sadguru Trivir and other Acharyas.
Oshodhara Nanak Dham, Murthal
Sonepat, Haryana - INDIA
Surrounded by Yamuna River towards east, GT road towards west, Kurukshetra, the land of Gita, towards north and Delhi the capital of India, towards south, this Ashram with a Buddha Hall, is Headquarter of Oshodhara and Osho Nanak Dhyan Mandir Trusts. It is about 5 km away from Sonipat Railway Station. From Delhi Airport it is only 60 km away. All buses going from ISBT (Inter State Bus Terminus) towards Ambala stop at Murthal Chowk from where Nanak Dham is hardly 1 km away.
Oshodhara Anand Dham, Madhopur
Pathankot, Punjab - India
It is the Headquarter of International Institute of Self Realization (IISR) registered under Trust Act of India. Lying at an elevation of 450 meters, it provides gateway to the hills of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir. It gives a thrill to watch Ravi River emerging against background of ice capped peaks of Kashmir Himalayas.
Oshodhara Gangotri Dham, Sauraha
Chitwan - Nepal
Oshodhara Gangotri Dham, Sauraha has the pride of being source of Oshodhara. Lying at an elevation of 450 meters, it offers beautiful climate throughout the year. Ice-capped Annapurna peak of main Himalayas presents a spectacular sight from the Ashram. Situated on the bank of Rapti, a tributary of Narayani River, on the outskirts of Royal National Chitwan Park, an international tourist center, in the Chitwan district of Nepal. From Kathmandu it is only 160 km away by road and has regular air and bus services. Sauraha is also approachable from Gorakhpur (U.P.) by regular bus services/Taxi via Sunauli (Border) - Narayan Garh- Bharatpur- Tandi (270 km) and from Raxaul via Birganj-Tandi (135 km).
Oshodhara Sahajanand Dham, Karma
Rohtas, Bihar - India
Being Birth Place of Osho Siddharthaji, this Dham is principally being developed as a regional center to meet the requirement of seekers from Bihar, Jharkhand , Eastern UP, MP, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Orissa. It is lying between two great rivers- Hanges and Sone- this Dham is locatd at village Karma, District Rohtas, Bihar.It is approachable by rod from Arah (50 Km), Patna (125 Km) and Banaras (150 Km). It is about 7 Km north of Bikram Ganj, the nearest railway station. The Samadhi of Daria Das, the famous 18th century sage, at Dharkanda, is 15 Km Away, where as Durgadi, the birth place of Dhyanyogi Baba, another famous sage of Gujrat, is only 2 Km away.
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