Omniconvert is a software as a service company that offers an integrated solution for conversion rate optimization, one of the most popular methods to increase the performance of a website. The Omniconvert platform provides companies the opportunity to conduct A/B testing experiments, collect data with surveys on site and personalize the users’ experience based on behavior.
Marketizator was founded by Valentin Radu and Ciprian Dragoi in July 2013.
In September 2015, a level of 4000 users, including WordStream and Forbes, was reached by the platform. At that time, they counted more than 20 million tested visitors per month. By March 2016, Omniconvert received an investment of 1 million EUR in funding from the private equity growth and venture capital fund Catalyst Romania.
* A/B testing: easy to use platform for marketers who don’t code
* Surveys: on site surveys with branching logic, multiple segmentation and targeting options with lead collector
* Web personalization: interactive pop ups with dynamic text replacement in real-time
* Advanced segmentation engine: more than 40 different segmentation criteria
* Silver Winner of "Overlay/Pop-up Category" at Online Testing Awards by Which Test Won.
* Highest Overall Satisfaction Score by G2Crowd.
* First Prize at Webstock, Utility Category
* First Prize at Start Up Rally Prague, 2013
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