NoTime is a Canadian pop punk band formed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1999. They are known for their heavy, upbeat songs, twin guitar solos, and incorporation of friendly banter and ridicule into their live performances.
NoTime was formed in 1999 from the remnants of Red Fish Dead Fish band Trash Can (and various other extreme metal groups). Their career began with the playing of small church/legion shows. The hit song "Small Town Blues" had many downloads in the first few months.
They have played countless shows around the Ottawa area in the city's premier venues such as Zaphod Beeblebrox, Babylon, Barrymore's and even the brand new Capital City Music Hall. Competing in the 2004 Emergenza International Battle of the Bands, No Time made it to the final round and placed 7th out of 74 bands in Ottawa. Shortly afterwards they took 1st place at the Supernova "Last Band Standing" competition.
In 2004 NoTime participated in "Band Together - The John Laplante Benefit Concert". The show was designed to help raise support for John and to help SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) raise awareness after John was hit by a drunk driver.
Musical style
NoTime's musical style includes:
*Frequent use of multi-tracked backing vocals
*Unorthodox guitar-playing methods and on-stage tricks
NoTime sees themselves being rocked in different directions. While maintaining their punk rock roots, they find their influences being drawn from all over the rock and roll spectrum, from Weezer to U2, and Coheed and Cambria through 311. No Time keeps a heavy, upbeat pace throughout their work.
*Chris Rayburn - Bass guitar & Lead vocals
*Pat Maloney - Drums & Backing vocals
*Jeremy Bortot - Lead guitar & Lead vocals
*Jay Carson - Lead / Rhythm guitars
* Like The Present (2000)
* As Is (2002)
* ' (2004)
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