Newland Musical

Newland Musical is a new show written by Thomas Giron-Towers & Grant Martin.
Grant Martin is an MD and an accomplished pianist, having spend over 3 years with the Royal Caribbean cruise line and most recently a teacher at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.
The shows concept was conceived around the year 2001, and had been written on and off over the period of 6 years. After two cast read throughs with friends and colleagues, the show went through numerous changes and rewrites, with some characters (George - a lovable but stupid stable hand & Joseph - an orphaned child that was looked after by Rupert) being totally erased.
In August 2011 the show was performed at the Camden Head Pub as a part of the Camden Fringe. The 5 performances were just 1 hour long and with cast of 6 it was a small showcase of the full show.
The six original Cast members were Marc Borthwick, Sarah York, Mitch Lathbury, Greg Marshall, Harriet Elizabeth Payne, Joe Eldridge.
The show was a success in Camden and from the great response and reviews, Thomas & Grant decided that the following year they would take the show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The show was performed next in late February and early March at the Bridewell Theatre as a part of their lunchbox production. With a running time of 50 minutes the showcase consisted of 3 actors who remained from the previous run, (Mark Borthwick, Sarah York & Mitch Lathbury) with 3 new cast members (Helen Peters, Christopher Burr & Charlie Royce). Anton Tweedale later joined the cast, replacing Charlie Royce due to previous work commitments with Disney Japan.
In April Newland Musical will be performed at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town.
In August 2012 Newland will be performed at the Surgeons Hall theatre in Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Show Synopsis
Newland is an exciting new musical featuring an original score with roots in Jazz, Broadway and Contemporary Musical Theatre. Drama and comedy abound in a story from an era both vibrant and deadly.
It’s a musical adventure set at the height of the Californian Gold Rush. The town of Ashfall, under the heroic direction of lawman Harvey Garris, is thriving yet pioneers are soon arriving to claim a share of the perilous spoils. Depraved gunslinger Bam Kane hatches a plot with a corrupt Deputy to steal this new money; the only thing in their way is Harvey, and an earnest undertaker! A murder is staged, a man is framed and Harvey is forced on the run. However, the town crumbles as Bam’s allegiance with the new cowardly Sheriff unravels, leading to bloodshed.
Meanwhile, comical brothers Charlie and Ned Bunting are drastically behind schedule on constructing their ultimate town, Newland! That is until Harvey arrives with guidance in exchange for a place to recover. Joining him is Rose, a working girl fleeing Ashfall and before long Newland is on the rise. Harvey finds new allies and bonds with the feisty sister Rebecca Bunting, much to Rose’s concern. However, shattering secrets emerge and Harvey is reminded of his true duty. He must make a choice; ignore his past and find love or avenge his name.
Newland explores the darker side of human nature during times of opportunity as well as the resilience and bravery of individuals. A love story provides heart and underpins a show that’s energetic, funny and inspired by a desire to inject something fresh into musical theatre.
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