Newcastle Elementary School

Newcastle Elementary School is the only school located in the affluent city of Newcastle, Washington and serves grades kindergarten through 5th. Newcastle Elementary is part of the Issaquah School District and is a feeder school for Maywood Middle School and Liberty Senior High School.

After more than five years of planning and anticipation, Newcastle Elementary opened its doors on September 8, 2004—fully wired and furnished and “home” for more than 400 students, most of whom had formerly attended Apollo Elementary School.

Voters authorized construction funds for Newcastle in 1999 as part of the District’s long-range plan to meet population growth needs. The 60,000 square foot two-story building includes sophisticated educational technology, enabling teachers at a flick of a switch to engage students in computerized lessons, DVD experiences, internet exploration, or group projects. A large Commons and full stage accommodates concerts and programs and the baseball field is available for community use.

Newcastle dismisses classes early every Wednesday for two hours of staff collaboration.

As the first official public building in the Newcastle city limits, the school is a learning center for students and a community gathering place for residents.

School Motto
Learning togeather with pride

:I am a Newcastle Lion
:I have greatness inside of me
:I will use my greatness
:To make good choices
:To be the best me I can be!
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