Neurosteer LTD is neurotechnology company that develops small-sized devices for brain scanning, headquartered in Israel Shankar Street 1,Herzliyya, 46725. The company was founded by Nathan Intrator on August 15, 2015. In September 2015, Neurosteer received undisclosed amount of seed capital from russian investor and entrepreneur Arkady Volozh. Due to the official website company's product is on clinical trial stage - 06/01/2017.
The essence of the idea
The main idea is to make electroencephalography more effective, cheaper and, what is essential, portable. Unlike traditional methods Neurosteer devices have only 3 electrode headband. Nathan Intator compares his methodology with how a person listens to music: "We only have two ears, but we hear the whole orchestra", he says. Like each and every instrument has its own timbre, the various functional neural networks of the brain have their unique characteristics that stand out from the background of the common signal. Neurosteer recognize level of activity of each individual part of the brain from general spectrum of neural activity.
Data is processed in real-time on the cloud, analyzed with proprietary signal processing and machine learning algorithms, and incorporated into medical, wellness and gaming applications. Neurosteer is involved in clinical studies of impaired consciousness, epilepsy, migraine, chronic pain, impaired attention and anxiety, as well as in serveys on gaming experiences, personalizes wellness applications and emotionally personalized TV.
NeuroSteer device
NeuroSteer devices combine the functionality and capabilities of the Electroencephalograph (EEG) and with some of its own features; for instance, data analysis is carried out through artificial intelligence. The Neurosteer platform allows developers to incorporate high level brain activity interpretation into IoT, wearable, and digital health tools.
Neurosteer’s platform won a lot of awards 1st prize at the Israel Brain Technology Hackathon, for emotionally personalized TV offering. IBM and Technion scientists won 1st prize for an application that detects Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder using Neurosteer. Israeli scientists developed a fatigue detecting app, powered by Neurosteer. Neurosteer was featured on Israeli TV, demonstrating its application that helps an Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patient move a bluetooth-operated ball using concentration modulation.
In 2017 Neurosteer was included by Israeli government in 21 leading companies list, which will be represented Israel at the prestigious BIO International Convention, the world’s largest conference in the field of life sciences, which is held in San Diego.
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