Mykoob is a multilingual school and university management system, which is designed to improve and facilitate the learning process. The name comes from English words My Book spelled backwards. The system is developed by a company from Latvia and overall, it is used in around 450 schools in different countries.
The project has been initiated with the aim to increase parental awareness of school on-going processes and to facilitate the preparation of reports for teachers. It structures the schooling of children and automates daily school work.
Mykoob Features
Lesson Scheduling
Assignments and Homework
All user groups are provided with detailed information on homework, term papers etc. A notification about new assignment is shown to students and their parents. For each homework a date, theme and description must be assigned and after it has been valued from the teacher, an according grade is shown near the assignment.
Grades and Attendance

Teachers can make notes about student student attendance and grades. All information is displayed in graphical and tabular form to parents, children and teachers. In the end of a rading period, teachers are presented with average grades for reports.
Learning Materials

Teachers can attach study materials in various formats, such as documents, images, tables etc. Thus, children will have the study materials available from home computers. Teachers, in turn, will have a structured archive of study materials.
Internal Messaging System
Messaging system is a tool facilitating communication between teachers and parents. This system automatically creates a contact list for each user. Each child has his/her classmates, parents and teachers on the contact list, whereas teachers have all children who they teach as well as both parents of each child. The recipient can see a notification right after receiving the message, so in case both parties are online, they can communicate directly. The number of stored mail messages is unlimited.
News Section
School’s administration can post a message that appears on the dashboard of each user. Each new post can be assigned to different user groups, so only relevant information is shown to users.
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