Museum of Arts and Sciences of Epirus

The so-called Museum of Arts and Sciences of Epirus is a Greek family run not-for-profit corporation 16 kilometers (9.9 mi) north of Preveza on National Road 12 to Ioannina, in Epirus, Greece. It is not a foundation, or institution certified as museum by the Greek Ministry of Cultrure, as the Greek law requires. Its exhibits lack the official status of an important collection by the Greek authorities. Its exhibits include a variety of groups (mostly replicas, or copies of dubious quality), among which are works of art, private collections of natural history topics, gerontological and archaeological topics, collections of ship models and others. It opened its doors to the public on September 2, 2013.
All exhibits plus the building of the Museum belongs to Greek collector Dr. Harry Gouvas. The plans and supervision of the project was undertaken by architect Peter Lykkas. The total cost, excluding that of the exhibits, was 120,000 Euros. The Museum has two entrances, one from the direction of Preveza, and one from Arta and Ioannina. Half of its surrounding garden is cemented while the other half is a botanical garden with 200 trees. Musical events and film projections can take place in the garden. Twelve works of art are also exhibited in the garden. The museum has:
* Two 25 square meters (270 sq ft) exhibition rooms,
* One 50 square meters (540 sq ft) room, and
* A 50 square meters (540 sq ft) atrium enclosed under dark glass.
* Parking for 100 cars is available.
Groups of Internal exhibits
The interior exhibits are mainly collections of Harry Gouvas, with some donations by other artists. Due to area limitations, only the half of the collections is exhibited. Apart from paintings on the walls, collections are exposed in show cases by categories. These categories are:
* Original Oil paints in Canvas
* Acrylic Paints in Canvas
* Aquarelles
* Copy Oil paints in Canvas
* Digital paints in Canvas
* Paleontology and Prehistoric Exhibits (From Asprochaliko Rockshelter)
* Meteorites
* Ancient Egyptian and Assyria-Babylonian Culture Exhibits
* Ancient Minoan and Cycladic Culture exhibits
* Ancient Classic Greece Vessels and other exhibits
* Ancient Macedonian Culture exhibits
* Roman period Tiles with Text (like Gloria in Actium, etc.)
* Old Photo Cameras, Video Cameras and Telephone Devices
* Souvenirs from Europe, North America, Latin America
* History of Technology Souvenirs
* Embalmed Reptiles
* Turtles,Caretta - Caretta
* Embalmeed Sea Species and Fishes
* Shells and Corals Collection
* Rocks, Stones, Dusts, Meteorites Collection
* Historical weapons of 17th-20th century (Swords, Arches, Balistae, an MK47 Kalashnikov, etc.)
* War Helmets of different armies
* Embalmed Birds and Nests Collection
* Insects Collection
* 12 Models of Ships
* Musical instruments Collection,
* A Model of Jurassic Period of Dinosaurs
* A Model of the Roman Villa of Manius Antoninus od 150 AC (discovered in 2003 in Nicopolis, (7 km distance near today city of Preveza)
* A Model of Atom with protona, Neurons, Electrons in the garden
* A 50% Model of the First aeroplane of Wright Brothers (1908) in the garden.
Apart from the exhibited items, the museum possesses among, also a collection of 200.000 photos in slides and digital form, 200 maps, 70.000 photos of paintings, 300 posters and engravings, 3000 books, 300 photo albums, 5.000 coins, 500 old newspapers, 100 old documents, 3.000 music CDs and DVDs, and 3000 stamps.
Most notable exhibits
The most notable exhibits of the Museum of Arts and Sciences of Epirus are:
* Oil paint "Afternoon boating" of Konstantinos Volanakis, 1898
* Space Helmet of Soviet cosmonaut Alexey Leonov. (1965). Two Astronaut Uniforms, one Soviet, one American NASA
* First Clarinet of Tassos Chalkias, highly acclaimed Greek clarinet player, Buffet Co 1906
* Big Collection of Shells and Corals
* Original War Uniform of Evzone, Greek Soldier of Balkan Wars 1912-1913
* Thai warrior Hat and Sword, Thailand 19th century
* Vessels Collection of Josef Kiromitis, ancient art style.
Open Air Art exhibits
The open air exhibits in the garden area of the Museum are:
* Protect nature (A Bonzai tree is protected on the ground by 5 plastic hands): Harry Gouvas, 2013
* Venus of Milos (Copy statue 100 cm) Scale 50%
* Metal Ram of Ancient Greek Trireme Ship in original size 150-200 kg (Copy of the original Ram of Athlit Israel, Museum of Haifa): Harry Gouvas, Ioannis Katsanos, 2013. Scale 100%
* The Yellow Bicycle :Harry Gouvas, 2013
* Neptune Staue with Dolphin. Scale 50%
* Metal Bicycle of year 1870 (Big wheel, small wheel): Harry Gouvas, I.Katsanos, 2013. Scale 100%
* Caress of the Sun (Cemented black doll, with white cemented hands touching her):Harry Gouvas, Omeri Agim, 2013. Scale 100%
* Metal Discobolus, with car parts :Harry Gouvas, Grigori Kotsi, 2013
* Replica of the First Historical Airplane of Greece, 1912 :Harry Gouvas, Katsanos Bros. Scale 50%
* Oxygen Atom Replica: Harry Gouvas, Leonida Copo, 2014
* Glass Building: Harry Gouvas, 2013
* Metal Rocket Model of NASA 2 meters: Harry Gouvas, Ι. Κatsanos, 2013
* The Solar System: Sun and 9 Planets: Harry Gouvas, Omeri Agim, Grigori Kotsi, Stelios Tsopanoglou, 2013
* Earthquake: A Cement and Metal Art Construction, Palpilated by earthquakes for 10 minutes!!! Harry Gouvas, Spiro Konstantini, Omeri Agim
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