Muhammad Majid Rasheed

Muhammad Majid Rasheed is a prominent Kashmiri politician, industrialist.
An entrepreneur by profession, Muhammad Majid Rasheed received his Bsc degree from Queen Mary University of London in 2009. He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional and served as the Member central evaluation cell Imran Khan Chairman Pti. He has worked as a lecturer, as a banker and as an entrepreneur during his career and has been CEO of Aziz Media Group, which is currently worth 100 million dollars. Muhammad Majid Rasheed was first ticket holder of Pti and candidate for legislative assembly Azad Kashmir from LA22 Bloach. He is strong supporter of independent Kashmir.
Muhammad Majid Rasheed father Muhammad Rashid Khan served in the office of the then prime minister of Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. His grandfather Col (r) Mohammad Mansha Khan was speaker of the Kashmir assembly. His Uncle Sardar Akhtar Hussain Rabbani was Minister for Agriculture for last 30 years in Kashmir government.
Political career
Muhammad Majid Rasheed came to media attention in February 2014 when he brought forward proof against Chaudhry Abdul Majid and accused prime minister of trying to bribe him to withdraw from elections.
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