MILOFM, is a low-power broadcasting station originating from Salt Lake City, Utah on 99.9 MHz, carrying a variety format, which features news, and a wide range of music. Most of the music heard on the station is classic rock and music from the 1980s. At its sign on, the station was located in Green River, Wyoming on a frequency of 101.9 MHz.

The station signed on air (as DXFM) on June 10, 2006, from a local residence in Green River, Wyoming and began broadcasting a variety format for several months. It was off air from late August, 2006 to April of 2007. During this period, the station relocated to the campus of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and changed it's frequency to 99.9 mHz. The station gained popularity at the University, as it simulcasted several shows of the campus' own station K-UTE. In the early spring of 2007, while at the University of Utah, the station suffered equipment problems, caused mostly by a charge of static electricity. The static electricity shock killed a component in the final power output of the transmitter. It was off air until April of 2007, when it resumed broadcasting from Green River.

Over the summer of 2007, the station gained more popularity as well as range with an improved antenna that was able to reach a large portion of the city. The station provides tips for listeners stating that it is always a good idea to listen to the station while in a vehicle.

During Thanksgiving of 2007, the station was given a face lift, and changed its name to MILOFM touting a cat's meow during it's station identification. The station has completely dropped all of the previous commercials and jingles in favor of the new MILOFM branding.

In January 2008, the station was relocated again to the University of Utah, and once again, was broadcasting on 99.9 MHz. Also in January 2008, the station again suffered from the same technical problems it had seen in early 2007, and was off air until April 6, 2008. The first song played at the return to air was Men at Work's song Down Under.

MILOFM uses a Ramsey Electronics FM-25B transmitter set at the least possible power (20 milliwatts) allowed by the FCC and maintains that it does not intend to break the laws regarding unlicensed stations in any shape or form. The station also uses CD players occasionally, as well as personal MP3 players.

With a good car radio, MILOFM could be heard in almost every part of Green River, Wyoming. The signal was very weak in the eastern portions of town, but could be received with a good radio near the Green Belt. In Salt Lake City, the station covered less area than it did in Wyoming. It is currently receivable mostly on the eastern portions of the campus of the University of Utah near the hospital complex. As with other FM stations, if the vehicle or receiver antenna can "see" the transmitter antenna, the station should be audible. This is known as line of sight.
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