Michael Westbrooks

Michael Westbrooks (Born 26 October 1982) is an Irish Basketball player. Michael plays for Dart Killester & the Ireland team.
Michael was a member of the St. Fintan's High School that won All-Ireland school's Leagues & Cups. He also played for the Dart Killester team that won the Junior men's sprite cup. Michael attended Colby College in Maine, United States. He played for the Dart Killester youth teams from a young age & graduated to the 1st team. Michael is a member of the Ireland team.
Personal Life
Michael is the oldest of the Westbrooks brothers. Isaac Westbrooks & Aaron Westbrooks both play for Leicester Riders & the Ireland team. Michael's other brother Jerome Westbrooks plays alongside Michael at Dart Killester. Michael's father Jerome is a coach at St. Fintan's High School.
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