MetaMorpho is a machine translation program developed by MorphoLogic, Hungary and translates between English and Hungarian language . MetaMorpho technology is based on natural language processing (NLP), corpus linguistics, and lexicography. MetaMorpho has several applications including the most pupular online translation site in Hungary.

The program supports translation of Word documents, web pages of PDF file.

This is a rule based technology that unifies the advantages of machine translation and translation memory. The grammar rules and the lexicon are in a common format. Entries have only two elements: a source and a target line. The system contains a morphological analyzer, a morphosyntactical converter and the syntactic parser. A translation is done in only two steps: analysis and generation. The system has no transfer phase, the generation of a target node is simple carried out by applying the target pairs of the source rules used at analysis.


**English to Hungarian
**Hungarian to English
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