Maryam Palizgir

Maryam Palizgir (; born Karaj, Iran) is an Iranian artist who currently resides, teaches and works in Atlanta, known primarily for her huge installation and Drawing in space. Floating between minimalism, kinetic art and Neo-Concrete movement, Maryam’s works draw their inspiration from repetitive geometric patterns found within Islamic art and architecture.
Her diverse range of material and techniques gives her the opportunity of thinking out of box and experimenting wide range of embodiment both in process and concept. She works in a variety of different mediums and her process involves deconstructing and reconstructing an image, object or matter through mixed media and material manipulation. She explores the notion of identity, humanitarian principles, environmental issues caused by human, time and culture clash.
Palizgir has exhibited and presented her work in group shows nationally and internationally in the United States, Iran, UK, France, Russia and Germany. She is member of Iranian Graphic Designers Society (IGDS), the institute for Promotion of Contemporary Visual Art and the association of Iranian sculptors in Iran. She was an artist in residence at the Cornelius Art Foundation in Lagamas, France in 2014 and received a grant from Triangle Network in London, UK for her Residency at The Cornelius Foundation in 2014. She won a Welsch fellowship for 3 years (2015-2017) from Ernest Welsch School of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA.
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