Bahram Kalhornia

Bahram Kalhornia (born in Kermanshah, 1952) is a contemporary Iranian Graphic Designer and University Lecturer, currently living in Tehran, Iran.
He was born in a Kurdish family who were belong to Kalhor tribe, the most powerful tribe in the province of Kermanshah. He graduated in graphic design from University of Tehran in 1972.Then he became engaged in art education and brought new ideas to the system. During Iran-Iraq war he moved to Kermanshah in 1985, where he teach with his wife S. Dorafshan, in a newly opened visual art high school for three years.Later he returned to Tehran and start teaching at Azad University of Tehran.He is member of Iranian Graphic Designers Society.
He had a deep influence of at least two generations of Iranian artists. His teaching method involve using both art works, spiritual works, philosophy and psychology.
Notes and references
* Interview with Bahram Kalhornia
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