Mary Guibert

Mary Guibert is an American Zonian businesswoman notable for being the ex-wife of Tim Buckley and the mother/estate executor of Jeff Buckley. She was born in Panama but spent much of her childhood in Anaheim, California, where she showed promise as an actress and musician. Those dreams fell apart when she gave birth to her first son, Jeff, and she spent many years working many odd jobs such as a cottage industry clothes maker and medical industry office worker. In 1997, after the death of her son, she dedicated herself to what she sees as the proper treatment and marketing of her son's work.
She is also notable for asking Napster to shut down the accounts of users sharing uncopyrighted bootleg recordings of Buckley's music. This is a precedent in a largely unexplored area of music law.

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1. 16-08-2009 22:10
I was a close friend to Tim Buckley's sister, Kathleen - would like to know how to get in touch with her - Last I heard from her, she went to Ireland - she was very ill - and didn't want to tell me more - that was 12 years ago - would like to know how she is and would love to contact her again - thanks -  
2. 05-02-2013 02:18
I am trying to get in touch with Mary Guibert. I believe we met when I played in Paris in 2007 for the Jeff Buckley tribute. I am recording a Tim Buckley song "I Never Asked to be your Mountain". I need to know know who currently owns the publishing rights - So I can obtain a mechanical license. I tried third story music but they no longer own it. Please if anyone knows please let me know - or forward this email to Mary.

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