Marek Schneider

Marek Schneider is an American Indie, Electro, Rock music artist and Guitarist based in South Florida.
Marek Schneider's career started as a guitarist. Reportedly, he and vocalist Vladimir Triskala started off in September 1990 as a part of the band, Nemesis.
The following tracks are credited to Marek as a part of Nemesis:
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* Nothing to Fear
* The Machine
* Cry of War
* Love Supreme
* Atomic Sun
* Let It Out
* Don’t Forget About Us
* Ei8ht (Spirit & Matter)
Upcoming: 3nity (EP), to be released: July 1, 2016:
* I Know It's Love
* Nature of the Beast
*My Heart Machine
* My Fantasy
* The Machine
* Don't Forget About Us
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