Love Seed Mama Jump

Love Seed Mama Jump or Love Seed is an American six-piece rock band from Dewey Beach, Delaware. Even though the band doesn't have a record due, it has independently released five full-length albums.

Love Seed Mama Jump began their career as somewhat of a cover band, though they often changed arangements or tempos to make the songs unique. They quickly gained a following among the college crowds and before long they began performing original songs. In fact, their first recording (Drunk At The Stone Balloon) contained two original songs.
They have since performed on stage with many national acts and presently tour up and down the east coast of the United States. They have released five LPs and are the "house" band at all Washington Redskins home games.

Their 2002 song "My Superstar" from their debut album Love Seed Mama Jump was included in the X-Box game Project Gotham Racing.

Band members
*Rick Arzt - lead vocals
*Pete Wiedmann - bass, vocals
*Cliff Hills - rhythm guitar
*Brian Gore - lead guitar
*Dave James - percussion
*Paul Voshell - drums

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