List of nightclubs in Rome

Rome is known for having a vibrant nightlife scene. The scene is of wide interest and is surveyed in movies and news. A review in The Telegraph in 2015 identified 20 bars.
Nightclubs in Rome appear in major movies of the Hollywood on the Tiber film-making era. Filming of Fellini's La Dolce Vita, largely about the "sweet life" of Rome, was done in several nightclubs. A general endorsement of the scene was given by Princess Ann, played by Audrey Hepburn alongside Gregory Peck in 1953's award-winning Roman Holiday, who partied at a club on a boat. At the end, the princess concludes that Rome is by far her favorite, of cities visited in her coming-of-age tour.
A number of nightclubs are situated on Via Libetta, the neighborhood of Ostiense’s historic nightclub row, including Vinile, which was a newcomer in 2014.
There are a wide variety of nightclubs scattered around the city. The following is a list of notable current and former nightclubs in Rome (Italy):
* Akab Club
* Alien Disco
* Art Cafè
*BeBop Jazz Club
* Caruso Caffè
* Chalet nel Bosco
*Charro Cafe
* Circolo Degli Illuminati
* City Dream
* Coyote Bar
* Exe Club
*Folkstudio, a former club in Trastevere neighborhood
* Futurarte Restaurant & Club
* Gilda
* Goa Club
* L'Alibi
* La Cabala
* La Maison
* Lanificio 159
* Le Terrazze
* Magic Fly
*Micca Club, called "Rome's premier burlesque and retro vinyl club" by the Telegraph
* Os Club
* PalaCavicchi
* Piper Club, a.k.a. Piper Disco
* Planet Roma
* Qube
* Radio Londra
* Rashomon Club
* Room 26
* San Salvador
* Shari Vari
* Shilling
* Spazio Novecento
* Studio7
* The Random
* Vinile
*Vista Club Rome<ref name=rss/>
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