List of Jabber component software

The following is a list of software projects that can be used as add-on components to various Jabber/XMPP servers (see List of Jabber server software).

External Components

These components should work with most existing Jabber/XMPP servers.

* aspsms-t (GPL) -- A jabber2sms transport.
* Fljud (BSD) -- A Jabber User Directory that uses an LDAP directory for user information.
* Idavoll (BSD) -- A generic publish-subscribe engine as defined in XEP-0060.
* ILE (GPL) -- Email notification via Jabber.
* Jabber Component Runtime (JOSL) -- The Jabber Component Runtime JCR is the first attempt at making "C" language components built for the jabberd 1.4 code base able to run as standalone processes.
* Jabber Mail Component (GPL) -- JMC is a server service to check email from POP3 and IMAP4 server and retrieve them (completely) or just a notifications of new emails. Jabber users can register multiple email accounts.
* jabber-gg-transport (GPL) -- A gateway between Jabber and Gadu-Gadu (Polish IM service).
* JJIGW (GPL) -- JJIGW is a Jabber-to-IRC gateway compatible with the Multi User Chat protocol, it allows you to join IRC channels and communicate with IRC users via your Jabber client.
* JRS (Apache) -- A simple Jabber RSS Service for reading RSS and ATOM news.
* MabberMessageLogger (GPL) -- A server-side message logging component written in Java with storage in MySQL.
* mrim (GPL) -- XMPP to Mail.Ru-IM Transport (aka M-agent) written in Python.
* MSN-t (GPL) -- A gateway between Jabber and MSN.
* O Logos (Freeware) -- Multi-lingual scripture lookup and search (interface to
* palaver (MIT) -- A multi-user chat component for Jabber and XMPP servers. The intention is to support all features of XEP-0045 as well as the relevant extended discovery features of XEP-0128.
* proxy65 (GPL) -- A proxy component for file transfer (implementation of XEP-0065).
* PunJab (GPL) -- Enables stateless applications (e.g., web browsers) to maintain a stateful connection to Jabber servers.
* PyAIMt (GPL) -- A Jabber-to-AIM gateway written in Python.
* PyICQt (GPL) -- A Jabber-to-ICQ gateway written in Python.
* PyIRCt (GPL) -- A Jabber-to-IRC gateway written in Python.
* PyMailt (GPL) -- A Jabber-to-Mail gateway written in Python.
* PyMXitt (GPL) -- A Jabber-to-MXit gateway written in Python.
* PyMSNt (GPL) -- A Jabber-to-MSN gateway written in Python.
* pyrss (GPL) -- A Jabber component that sends RSS notifications.
* PyYIMt (GPL) -- A Jabber-to-Yahoo gateway written in Python.
* ruse (Apache) -- ruse is a standalone proxy server that acts as a bridge for legacy jabber applications (applications that don't support TLS, SASL, Resource Binding, etc) allowing them connect to XMPP compliant servers.
* SMBAuth (GPL) -- User authentication against existing NT domain credentials.
* XFireGateway (GPL) -- A gateway between Jabber and XFire (

Internal Components

These components probably work only with the jabberd 1.4 server codebase.

* AIM-t (GPL) -- A gateway between Jabber and AIM/ICQ.
* JUD (GPL) -- A Jabber user directory component written in C.
* mu-confernece (GPL) -- A multi-user chat component written in C. Can be used with other Jabber servers using the Jabber Component Runtime.
* Users-Agent (GPL) -- A Jabber user directory component written in Perl.
* Yahoo Transport (GPL) -- Gateway between Jabber and Yahoo! Instant Messenger.
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