Last supper BSG

== BattleStar Galactica Promotional Picture "The Last Supper" - Season Four ==
In the TV Series BattleStar Galactica, the Sci Fi channel made a promotional picture for Season Four. This photo was made to give hints to what might happen within the upcoming Season. The print was first shown at the 2008 Comic Con to fans of the show during a Battlestar panel featuring the series creators Ron Moore and David Eick, a long with several cast members from the show
This picture was used as the season four promo for the series. While this picture does appear to represent the image of the last supper, it differs from it greatly. The purpose of the picture is to show four of the final five cylons along with the rest of the main cast. The empty seat with the silver cup between Saul Tigh and Lee "Apollo" Adama represents the final missing cylon. Which at the time this was release could have been one of the other characters in the picture. However the shows reveals that Saul Tigh's wife Ellen who was thought dead is in fact the final missing cylon model who is not present in the picture.
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