Kyle B. Thompson

Kyle B. Thompson (born November 19th 1988) is an American film director, screenwriter,editor and producer. In a career of only 10 years Thompson's films have touched on many themes and genres. Thompson is best know for his full length feature film “Mort” in which he had directed and won two festival awards all before the age of 17.
Thompson won the award as youngest director to direct a budget film for 2005's Mort. During the early directing efforts, Kyle Thompson had directed over 35 short films by the time he was 11 years old
Early life
Thompson was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the son of parents Judith Brennan Thompson , teacher for the special education, and Barry Thompson, a painter from St. Thomas .Throughout his early years, Thompson created amateur hi-8 "horror" movies with his friends and family. During the time, Thompson would ketchup and chocolate syrup for blood. Thompson would also star in his own films.
In 1996 Thompson’s mother was given a home video camera for Christmas. Thompson later stole the camera and used it for his own amateur films. He claimed in a interview that his mother never knew how to use the camera and to this day still doesn’t know how to use it.
Thompson attended a performing arts high school and majored in a program of TV and Film production. Thompson there was able to work on many film projects as a grip and production assistant.
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