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KMC Controls (formerly Kreuter Manufacturing Company) has designed and manufactured HVAC control system products, building automation solutions, and energy management solutions since 1970. KMC is currently the only privately held controls manufacturer with a full line of digital, electronic, and pneumatic products. The latest products include BACnet digital controllers.

KMC is a member of the United States Green Building Council. KMC products provide tools toward achieving points for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification in the categories of Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy and Atmosphere for green buildings.

KMC has an ISO9001:2000 registered quality system in place. The company’s intellectual property includes dozens of patents.

KMC maintains regional sales offices throughout the U.S. and distributes its solutions and products through authorized installing contractors, wholesalers, and OEMs throughout North America as well as authorized distributors worldwide.


In 1970, Ken Kreuter established Kreuter Manufacturing Company in Winnipeg, Manitoba to manufacture pneumatic HVAC controls. In 1974, the company was moved to Minnesota, and, in 1978, the company moved manufacturing operations to its present location in New Paris, Indiana. In 1989, the research and development side of the business (then known as Kreuter Engineering) made the transition from Minnesota to Indiana as well in order to consolidate all company operations. In 1995, Kreuter Manufacturing Company, Inc. began doing business as KMC Controls, Inc., a name change that better explained its business. Over the decades, analog electronic and then DDC (Direct Digital Control) products were added to the original pneumatic line.


KMC Controls started with manufacturing pneumatic HVAC control products, including controllers, actuators, valves, and other related devices. A pneumatic control circuit operates on air pressure (typically between 3 and 13 pounds PSI) and uses mechanical means to perform control functions.

Although pneumatic controls are still in widespread use, electric and analog electronic controls later became the standard. KMC manufactures electronic sensors, variable air volume controllers, actuators, valves, and other devices that often operate with zero to 10 volts DC analog signals.

Today, the standard is microprocessor-based direct digital controls that processes a variety of analog and binary inputs and outputs. KMC offers controllers and software in its KMDigital line using a proprietary protocol as well as a BACnet line with an open systems protocol.

Authorized Installing Contractors

AICs (Authorized Installing Contractors) sell, install, and maintain controls systems.
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