Kelly Peyton

Kelly Peyton is a fictional character played by Amy Acker on the television series Alias. She works for a terrorist organization known as Prophet Five, which is the focus of the fifth and final season of the series.
Character biography
Peyton initially works under Gordon Dean and is a friend and associate of Rachel Gibson's. When Gibson comes to realize that The Shed is not really a black ops division of the CIA, Peyton and Dean destroy the Shed, killing everyone except Gibson. After several failed attempts to kill Gibson, Dean is captured and killed and Peyton takes over his role within Prophet Five.
Peyton is later seen aboard a freighter, overseeing the hypnotic interrogation of Sydney Bristow, seeking information about a Rambaldi artifact known as "The Horizon." It is revealed that Irina Derevko is working with Peyton and Prophet Five to retrieve the Horizon. Sydney attacked Peyton following the interrogation and Sydney escapes.
Sydney, Irina and Jack Bristow travel to Vancouver to retrieve the Horizon. Peyton, who may be betraying Irina, follows but fails to recover the Horizon. Irina escapes with it.
Peyton is instrumental in springing Anna Espinosa from federal custody, leading to Espinosa's being transformed into a genetic double of Sydney, with a mission to retrieve a computer chip from Michael Vaughn and her eventual death at the hands of Sydney.
In the series finale, Peyton allies herself with Arvin Sloane and Julian Sark and massacres the leaders of Prophet Five, a mysterious group known as The Twelve. She retrieves the Horizon from Irina in exchange for two missiles, but is later captured by APO. Her former relationship with Rachel Gibson proves her downfall, as Gibson knows what Peyton fears most and uses a snake to extract vital intel from Peyton. Peyton is in APO custody as the team races around the globe to thwart Sloane's and Irina's endgames.
No mention is made of Peyton in the episode-ending flash forward; her current status is unknown, although given her many crimes against the United States it's likely that she would remain incarcerated for the foreseeable future.
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